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English Whisky Chapter 3 20cl

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English Whisky Chapter 3 20cl

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English Whisky Chapter 3 20cl

The St George's distillery in Norfolk is the only English Whisky Distillery around, recently producing the first English Single Malt whisky in over 100 years. In the lead-up to this the Distillery released different "Chapters", each one a different stage of the spirit on its way to becoming what is now Chapter 6.

This is Chapter 3, the unpeated baby of the St Georges collection. It's just 18 months old, so is extremely clear in colour, and because of this young age it isnt quite a whisky, just a Single Malt Spirit. It's time was spent in an American Bourbon cask before being bottled in Norfolk.

Having tried the 3 yr old Chapter 6 first, as soon as i tasted this i could get the hint of what was to come. It does take a little getting used to, it's youth gives it some strength that you cant ignore. It does leave a taste on the tongue, but it's one that lingers in a nice way, giving you a little bit more pleasure before it moves away.

A good start for the St Georges Distillery, and it was a brief insight into what joys were to come. If you want to see how our malts taste before they get that "Whisky" label, then this is well worth a try!

I see your point and i agree in a way, personally if i had of heard about the malted spirit before the whisky, i doubt i would have tried it. However because i bought the whisky itself first, then read about the distillery etc, it started my curiosity going i guess.

I think this is a pretty fair assessment of this spirit, it shows some promise but I can't help but feel that they didn't really need to release it.

I suppose people were curious though...

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