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Georgia Moon's average rating is 56/100 from 5 reviews and 9 ratings

Georgia Moon reviews

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Georgia Moon

Whisky That Isn't Whisky 2 of 2 Georgia Moon

So it is now official - I'm an idiot. In my just-prior review of Dillon's White Rye, I said that the other "whisky that isn't whisky" that I'm reviewing is from Georgia. It's not - it's just called…

@talexanderBy @talexander7 years ago 0 071

Georgia Moon

Even For New Make, Way Too Sour Georgia Moon

Georgia Moon is colourless unaged (or nearly so, with the label stating, "less than 30 days old")Corn Whiskey produced by Heaven Hill. In the US, Corn Whiskey is defined as a whiskey with a minimum of…

@VictorBy @Victor10 years ago 0 858

Georgia Moon

Brussels Sprouts Georgia Moon

Shine On Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey is, according to the cheap-looking brown-paper-bag label, ‘less than 30 days old!’. It’s crystal clear like gin and sold in a large Mason fruitjar, with a large round…

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 years ago 0 150

Georgia Moon Lemonade

Lemonade, indeed! Georgia Moon Lemonade

Technically speaking, this is not whiskey. It’s ABV is 5% short. I already tried – as an experiment, I hasten to add – the George Moon Corn Whiskey, much to my dismay. So the expectations for this ‘sp…

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 years ago 0 445

Georgia Moon

Distinctly different and corn flavor Georgia Moon

I bought simply because of the interesting packaging. It is a smoother sweet whisky with a distinct corn sugar flavor. It is very unique I have not tasted anything like it.

@AnonymousBy @Anonymous13 years ago 0 270

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