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Glen Grant's average rating is 81/100 from 74 reviews and 125 ratings

Glen Grant reviews

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Glen Grant 5 Year Old

Light and Refreshing Glen Grant 5 Year Old

Living in Italy, you see this bottle at every corner shop, liquor store or supermarket for miles around. Italians are some of the largest consumers of Glen Grant in the world. This 5 year old is a par…

CBy @CharlieWhisky10 years ago 0 085

Glen Grant

Not very good Glen Grant

Glen Grant 5 y.o. is not a very good whisky. It's very young and there isn't a special taste when you drink it. I'll try the 10 y.o. version, I hope that can be more completed. To drink after lunch like…

rBy @roberto11 years ago 0 050

Glen Grant

Very light but not bad at all Glen Grant

This whisky is mostly produced for the italian market. I tasted it in Italy during my winter holiday. It is a very light whisky. But is has this fresh and fruity flavour which I enjoy.

@SvenFonteynBy @SvenFonteyn11 years ago 0 180