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Glenfiddich Cask Of Dreams 2011 Edition

Average score from 2 reviews and 3 ratings 86

Glenfiddich Cask Of Dreams 2011 Edition

Product details

  • Brand: Glenfiddich
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 48.8%
  • Bottled: 2011

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Glenfiddich Cask Of Dreams 2011 Edition

Glenfiddich’s Cask of Dreams is a marriage of several American Oak and Virgin Oak casks that toured the States to be signed by fans of the brand. By the time the 11 casks were returned to Scotland for bottling, thousands of autographs and dreams were inscribed on them. According to insiders, the youngest whisky in the mix is 14 years old, but the bottle did not get an age statement. It was launched for the US market and hence rather hard to find in Europe (unlike the 2012 edition, that was released for the Scandinavian market).

The nose is quite special, actually. It reminds me of candy sticks at first. You know, the hard and twisted lollypops that you can sometimes find in Christmas trees. The fruit hardly gets past this. Loads of vanilla and caramel. Nice spiciness, though. But it is a little bit too sweet to my taste. Liquid candy.

It is very creamy on the palate, with soft spices (ginger, cloves, coriander) with enough punch to be interesting. Again a touch too sweet. Caramel and vanilla, vanilla and caramel. Lollypop on spices. Wait, wait! Dried apricots and sultanas. Ah, the fruit is emerging. Even better, it develops beautifully on the palate, but you need to chew it for a while. Yes, by the third sip it is bulls eye!

On the medium long finish, the sweetness is supported magnificently by the woodspices.

It started off to sweet in my book, but recovered to become an excellent malt in the end. Sometimes it pays to be patient. Thank you, Kris!


Strong warm aggressive in your face arrival develops a more complex well balanced fruit filled fast paced almost worth every penny pleasant finish.

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