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Highland Park Einar

Average score from 2 reviews and 2 ratings 85

Highland Park Einar

Product details

  • Brand: Highland Park
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Series: Warrior Series
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Highland Park Einar

The Warrior Series from Highland Park contains (bar a mistake on my part) six expressions: Einar, Harald, Ragnvald, Sigurd, Svein and Thorfinn. I will try the Einar, bottled at drinking strength. Einar was one of the most feared Vikings of his time, undertaking long voyages on a regular basis. He was easily recognizable by his sharp and brutal axe, prominently displayed on the label. Let us see if the whisky upholds Einar's sturdy reputation.

The nose is malty and sweet with loads of vanilla and nice spices (some cinnamon and pepper as well as some cedar wood, all of it rather soft). Also some fruity elements. Pear, unripe banana and pineapple. Some earthy notes, a touch of peat and heather. After a few moments a truckload of butter emerges. Hint of nuts, too. Nice, but not earth shattering.

The arrival is rather soft, but does offer a nice mix of the fruit from the nose on a bed of oak, mild smoke and maple syrup. The pineapple evolves towards dried orange peel. A bit zesty.

The finish is medium long in which vanilla, the spices and the oak (mostly the oak) dominate.

Well, a rather easy HP if you ask me. The fearless Einar would undoubtedly agree with me when I say that this lacks some oomph and power. This is more a dram for Wickie the Viking.


Highland Park Einar is a tribute for one of the most feared Vikings of his time, Einar. And I have to say that in Einar, the warrior side shows a bit more than with Harald of the Warrior Series by Highland Park.

Highland Park Einar is almost as good as the TV series "Vikings". Half American, half European oak casked. More of a character than it's two brothers Harald and Svein (Svein getting closer though).

Especially the finish makes Einar what it is, an 86 point whisky (at this moment Vikings has 8,6 average at imdb.com!).

Nose: Floral and earthly like Harald but with a little bit more of that sophisticated wood smoke and nice set of toffee and barley in the mix. Closer to the great signature HP aromas.

Taste: Salty and spicy citrus with barley in a smooth package. Einar is also a bit delicate but not as light as Harald.

Finish: Fruity and nicely lasting finish. Sweet vanilla and once again, that great sophisticated and deep smoke, a true Highland Park crafting.

Balance: Someone somewhere mentioned that this more like an autumn dram, unlike it's brothers that suit better for summer. I think that it was a right statement. This is closer of a warrior than the other two.

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