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Macduff 9 Year Old 2008 Duncan Taylor The Octave

Coffee Caramel

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

25th Nov 2018


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Duncan Taylor has a series called ‘The Octave’, in which the whisky matures (or is finished) in smaller casks. Maturation is faster as there is more contact between the spirit and the wood. Hence the whisky can be bottled sooner, in the case of this Macduff at 9 years old (along with some sister casks). In this case, it was a sherry cask.

Dark and sweet nose on mokatine. This is ‘the Arab’ from Confiserie Roodthooft (Google is your friend) in liquid form. No other aroma stands a chance. You could argue this makes it a one-dimensional nose. True enough. But it is also a very good nose!

It is so syrupy you can almost chew it. Again coffee caramel candy, but now a feisty spiciness appears with ginger and liquorice in the lead, followed by a drying note from the tannins. Those dominate from the second sip forward, giving me the feeling I am licking a plank. Just over the top.

The finish is medium long and honeysweet on a truckload of caramel.

This is one for those with a sweet tooth.

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