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Port Askaig 19 Year Old Cask Strength

Average score from 3 reviews and 4 ratings 93

Port Askaig 19 Year Old Cask Strength

Product details

  • Brand: Port Askaig
  • Bottler: Speciality Drinks Ltd
  • ABV: 50.4%
  • Age: 19 year old

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Port Askaig 19 Year Old Cask Strength

I'm an IT Administrator by day and have a parttime job as a bartender "by night". I work at a pub here in Odense, Denmark, which is owned by my very good friend and he needed some help two years ago and I kind of stuck around, taking a shift once or twice pr. month ever since.

ChristianFirtal (C4) specialises in micro-brewery beers from around the world on 20 taps and offer whisky, rum, eau de vie, gin, cognac and lots more. Beers are changed on a daily basis and the other liquors every 2-3 weeks or so. Depends on how popular they are.

I would not have had the oppurtunities to taste the whiskies that I have without C4. When bartending you are required to taste new stuff and brush up. When I'm at the pub as a costumer, I get everything with a 50% discount.

Anyway, I've been reading alot about Port Askaig the past months, the only Islay malt I hadn't tasted yet. (Which is sort of a lie.. haven't tasted Port Ellen yet and Gartbreck, obviously) Then luck struck upon me. I was behind the bar two days ago when a regular walks in. This guy, Henrik, has the most impressive whisky collection that I personally know of and we have a great talk as usual, including Port Askaig. A couple of hours later when my colleague and I where relieved they the evening team, the three of us are having a beer. In the meantime, Henrik is texting his girlfriend and she comes by and pulls up a bottle of Port Askaig 19 years old from her bag. Wow, just like that.

I wish I had more time to nose and taste it. I only had ~20 min with a little water before I had to head home to wifey and daughter. I even had to decline dram number two. Sigh.

The thing is, I'm not quite sure if my score is based on the wow-factor or not. Being a fan Islay's tripple mastodont distilleries, this took me by surprise. I really really like it, I love everything about it! I've contacted our liquor supplier in the hopes that they have it.

"Anyway, I've been reading alot about Port Askaig the past months, the only Islay malt I hadn't tasted yet"

If you have tasted them all (bar the two mentioned) then you have tried it before as its is probably Call ila or a Bunna.

But yes it is good, what abv was the bottle?


Hehe, true about probably having tasted it before. The 45.8% is the one Called Harbour, right? Do you remember how it was? Here in Denmark, the one I reviewed is 133 EU and the 19 year old Harbour is ~80 EU and is tempted to try it.

On another note, I hope they update the site soon so you can edit a review. I had no idea that my nose and taste notes would be layed out like that.


Bottled by Speciality Drinks Ltd this is an Islay single malt from an undisclosed distillery. The rumour is Coal Ila but we shall have to wait and see. The colour

The nose is smoky, lemon zest, bonfire ashes, peat and salty brine.

The palate is powerful yet balanced. Lovely thick smoke up front, peppery tang, peat, salted caramel and citrus. This is powerful in big flavours but mellow in the delivery. Oily and smooth in the mouth.

The finish is long, smoky and slightly drying.

A few years ago, I got to try this at a whisky bar (Nihon)in San Francisco. It was at the recommendation of the bartender, and it was quite good. When I mentioned that I'd like to find a bottle of that to take home, he laughed and said it is not for sale in the US. They only had it through "special arrangement." I went back not too long ago and noticed they must have made a similar arrangement with Hibiki, as they had a bottle of their 17YO. Anyway, it would be quite nice to try this along side a similarly aged / proofed Caol Ila.

Port I'm Jealous


Sampled with a tiny drop of water...

A vibrant and zesty nose with strong hints of lemon and lime. Overlying this is coal and charcoal. Becomes a bit sweeter with time and also reveals a slightly salty edge.

Slightly soapy mouthfeel but very mellow. Peat in abundance before the lime makes a return. Quite light in style. Some sweetness but citrus and peat are the dominant factors here.

Long and mellow finish. Slightly dry with the sweetness more apparent here.

A very relaxing malt overall but with enough complexity to keep one's interest up.

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