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Port Askaig Cask Strength

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Port Askaig Cask Strength

Product details

  • Brand: Port Askaig
  • Bottler: Speciality Drinks Ltd
  • ABV: 57.1%

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Port Askaig Cask Strength

Port Askaig is a town (and a port) on the island of Islay (on the north west), and is also the name of yet another ‘Mystery Dram’ bottled by the Whisky Exchange. The range of Port Askaig bottlings consists of a 17 yo , 25 yo, 30 yo and a Cask strength NAS. If you take a look at the Islay map, you will easily spot Caol Ila distillery very near Port Askaig, which leaves very little to guess where this malt is distilled. Also, this time the saying “If you can’t point your finger on a mystery malt, It’s probably a Coal Ila” proves right. It’s not really a secret anymore, and Coal Ila is indeed the distillery behind the PA line.

Nose : Lemon , peat and sweet notes. Maltiness with some fresh dough. Apples in brine. Engulfed by peat and smoke.

Palate : starts sweet sugary and honeyed then the peat attack starts. Waves of peat attack your palate , followed by chilly. Big bodied and great impact. Some saltiness on the edges a if seawater enter.

Finish : Long, ashy Peat. As if you're chewing on a cold cigar. Lovely Islay finish, . Some coffee notes also.

When comparing it to the Caol Ila CS (official bottling this time) The two bottlings are similar, but not identical. The Caol Ila is more lemony and citrusy and more Peaty on palate. Entrance and sheer impact is bigger, while the PA is more well behaved for a CS and sweeter on the palate with more malty notes.

If you ask me, I prefer the OB Coal Ila, due to it’s power, kick and interesting mélange of flavors (sweet then peaty and briny). It’s like its better integrated than the PA . But, It’s not saying that the PA is not a very enjoyable Islay. I do like it a lot as well (keep in mind the CA CS is my favorite among the CI core range)

i was in the Whisky exchange last week looking for a bottle of the caol ila cs, but unfortunatly they didnt have any on the shelf that day so i was nudged toward this one. i had a sample in store and loved it. now im just waiting for a nice stormy day before i crack it open

@galg, this sounds like lovely stuff—and the official Caol Ila bottling, even more so!


This is the last of the three malts I bought on my holiday travels at the recommendation of the gents working at Nicks Wine Merchants. He said that if I liked any of the Caol Ila offerings, I would like this.

Immediately upon opening the bottle I am hit with the similarity. The Port Askaig has a similar vegetative mossy peat smell that hits as soon as the cork comes out. After pouring and taking a minute or two to let the glass and whisky warm in my hand, it opens up with hints of old leather, tobacco, peat smoke, brine, with subtle fruity and vanilla notes. A lot of depth here!

The taste is filled with moss, oak, rich damp earth and a hint of honey over a warm wave of peat, smoke with subtle notes of brine and a gentle spicy tingle. Mouth-watering.

The finish is of medium length, lasting around 5 minutes, and is a continuation of the taste as the more subtle flavours of honey, brine and spice slowly fade leaving behind the dominating damp, mossy peat smoke as this drams finale.

There is a rumour that the Port Askaig is rumoured to be a rebranding of Caol Ila spirit, and I can see why. It is fairly similar in base taste to the Caol Ila 8 year old bottling I have. I don't know if it is or not, but it is certainly good enough for me not to care!

Finish means different things to different people. I mean the time it takes for all warmth to have disappeared, and you are no longer experiencing any flavours. So 5 minutes isn't that long. Others refer to it as the initial hit and fade (which for a lot of whiskies is only 30 seconds to a minute) when the flavours are distinctive, and the warmth is more than just a residual memory.

So 5 minutes for me is maybe on the long side of par, but not by much.

isnt CI 8 years old an Unpeated version of CI? and yes, all signs point to Coal Ila... look at the map, how close PA is to CI... Slainte.

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