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Port Charlotte The Peat Project

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Port Charlotte The Peat Project

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Port Charlotte The Peat Project

This is the replacement that came last year for the "An Turas Mor" bottling, so in other words Bruichladdich's new NAS peaty bottling. An Turas Mor was, considering everything, a very decent offering so it bodes well for the replacement.

(Sidenote: These tasting notes are from August 2012)

Nose: Atypical Bruichladdich cereal&vegetal creamy-ness meeting your nose. This is then followed by damp&earthy peat in tandem with fresh citrus and baking spices. The cinnamon asserting itself especially, alongside some nutmeg.

Palate: Thick creamy barley/cereal sugars arrive with a very damp & dense peat with smoke all around the edges. A slight vegetal bitterness takes hold off the peat to continue the developpement. The whisky revolves then to a cereal sweetness again now expanding to all-spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. The finish can only be described as lemon pie, with cream and peat on the side.

If the An Turas Mor was a tad reminiscient of Laphroaig, this bottling comes very close to the Ardbeg Ten. So if you are looking for a similar-but-different whisky to the Ardbeg 10 for a tad cheaper, this is it! Just a Yummy dram! Yes with a capital Y!


Port Charlotte's Peat Project is a perfect whisky for somebody who wants to try smoky whisky for the first time. That's why my movie reference doesn't actually fit in so well (sorry, I didn't have any ideas). Holy Smoke, the movie is no light version for beginners. As a movie it is also much worse than The Peat Project is as a whisky.

Port Charlotte The Peat Project was nice but quite mediocre. (Like Holy Smoke the movie?) It had layers, yet they were delicate. This is not one of them drams that make you say: "Holy Smoke!"

Nose: Definitely the best part of the Peat Project. Spices like black pepper and cinnamon meet delicately strong smoke.

Taste: Creamy layers of delicately salty smoke and peat warming with hints of lemon.

Finish: Fruity and smoky finish is unfortunately just a hue from the nose and taste. This ends way too quickly.

Balance: Even though it has the quick finish and mild aftertaste, this is a good whisky for peat searchers. It keeps its strong but delicate smoke with layers of taste very well until the finish.

Thanks, Pudge. ATM's not available in Oregon unfortunately. PP is down in Salem, too far to drive. What do you think of the "classic?" I saw that a month ago in a store here in town, even though it's not listed online.

Drinkhacker.com gave it an A-, which is pretty high for him. He called it a good every day dram. Seems a cut above that in my estimation. Not sure if it's worth buying though. It's probably up over a hundred bucks is my guess. The PC's seem to have gone up quite a bit in the past year or so.

I'm sipping on Ardbeg Ugies and Peat Monsters tonight while I watch a few episodes of House of Cards on Netflix.

Oh, I sold a screenplay about "faeries," kind of cross between the Secret of Roan Inish and Willow. I was commissioned to write it.

However, the film was never made. It would have been an independent film if it had been done, not a big studio production. So nothing to write home about, so to speak. It merely paid my rent for part of the year is all. And now I own a house, so that was quite a while ago. . . .

Supernatural faeries are not a subject I would normally pick to write about, although my latest novel is about sasquatch, so go figure.

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