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The Irishman's average rating is 82/100 from 4 reviews and 5 ratings

The Irishman reviews

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The Irishman Single Malt

Hidden Gem The Irishman Single Malt

Now I honestly don't know how many of you have heard of The Irishman. I hadn't heard anything about it till a few days ago until a friend popped it out of his bar for a surprise curve ball at a tasting…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist10 years ago 0 490

The Irishman Single Malt

Watery The Irishman Single Malt

Hot Irishman, a company in Carlow (Ireland), lead by Bernard Walsh, has a portfolio that contains the Irishman Single Malt, the Irishman 70 Superior Irish Whiskey, but also a cream liqueur, a mulled wine…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 years ago 0 069

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