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Van Winkle 20 Year old Family Reserve 2010

2010 Pappy

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mReview by @masterj

29th Jan 2013


Van Winkle 20 Year old Family Reserve 2010
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Tried this slightly older version with the 2012 20 y.o. Pappy and for me, although the 2012 Pappy 20 wins in the nose department this edges it every so slightly as a better rounded and balanced Bourbon. Let me explain why.

Nose: This nose is more constricted. Takes some time to open up. But, once it does, Brown sugar,Vanilla, Bread pudding, Custard, more on the Maple side. But still excellent nose.

Taste: Different form the 2012 Pappy. Much more body. Heavy. Thick. Syrupy. Lots of Tannins, Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup, Raisin. The Maple note brings with it some heft in weight and in heat.

Finish: Here is the tie breaker. The finish is way better. Which adds to an overall better balance, better experience. It's still smooth. But, there is more intense grip of the tannins, it's warmer, and you get a more spicy sting. It's also has a quite raisny after taste. The finish of the 2010 product just blows the 2012 away. It's adds to the complexity of the dram.

Any version of Pappy is excellent product. But for me, overall, this 20yr old from 2010 takes a higher rating than the 2012 version. It's just a better overall Whiskey, but as far as nose there is no beating the 2012. It's just exquisite to nose. As a full package though, this 2010 is a league above it's 2012 brethren. Better taste and body, as well as finish. The nose once it opens up, almost matches the 2012 although it is ever slightly less appealing.

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Rigmorole commented

I've tasted the 2012 and I own a bottle which I have yet to open. Your comments intrigue me. I've never tasted older bottles than the 2012. I wasn't overly impressed by the 2012, but then again, I'm a single malt man. Bourbon is not my forte or my passion.

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I tasted a glass of Buffalo Trace that just blew me away with its maple flavored goodness. Have not figured out what made that one glass so good at a bar near my home. Tried it on different occasions later, and nothing came close. I have since given up.

11 years ago 0

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