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What was the last bottle you finished?

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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 14th Dec 2009, show post

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Victor replied

@archivist, decanting into small bottles with little air space is even more reliable for preservation.

When I strongly suspect that a whisk(e)y is fragile and vulnerable to deteriouration I will decant it just as soon as I am convinced that its best flavours are showing.

I do not have the experience of owning a bottle of Jameson Black Bottle, yet, but it would be first on my list if I were short of Irish blended.

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archivist replied

@dloewen Yes, the Teeling Small Batch is underwhelming - at least my bottle was. I could have it as an everyday drinker and it'd be OK (if I didn't have much else to drink). It's slightly caramel-like with vanilla and has a clean finish - but that's it. One note, same note, and not much else.

I've tried the Single Grain and wasn't impressed with that either. However, I do have one bottle of Teeling Single Barrel Carcavelos Finish I bought a few years ago and it's very good. It might have been a limited release, but I do wish I had bought another bottle.

Based on my experience with the small batch, and the single grain, I'm not keen on spending money to try the single malt -- but I am still curious and hope there will be a bottle shop tasting near me so I can try it.

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archivist replied

@OdysseusUnbound Thank you for the tip! With the way things have been going at work, I imagine I will have no problem finishing the Black Barrel in two months or less...

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I just finished a Glenfiddich 12 that was gifted to me and that was kept at my in-laws’ place. It was a very decent pour, exactly what I expect from this bottle. Hopefully the Wiser’s Lanny McDonald that’s also sitting there is getting better with time and air.

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