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What was the last bottle you finished?

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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 14th Dec 2009, show post

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Victor replied

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley, 50% ABV. I liked this one OK, but it didn't quite make it to delicious or crave-worthy. I like The Laddie Ten (first edition) better. I have about three bottles of that on hand when desired. The Bruichladdich Islay Barley I have tried and like OK, maybe a little better than the Scottish Barley, but not enough to make me want to buy a bottle.

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BlueNote replied

just finished up my second bottle of Miltonduff 22 bottled by indy Distller's Art. Very nice. I will gladly spring for another one if I can find it.

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fiddich1980 replied

Not exactly the last bottle finished but, an empty purge.

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Nozinan replied

@fiddich1980 WoW! And to think I tasted of many of those bottles. Thanks for sharing!

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cricklewood replied

@fiddich1980 I've also had the benefits from some of those bottles. That Timorous Beastie left a lasting impression on me of a style of whisky we don't see much anymore.

How did you find the Bunna 18? I had the opportunity to try this label style twice and really loved the profile.

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fiddich1980 replied

@cricklewood The Bunna XVIII excellent, 2012 bottling. Thankfully, I still have a spare in the bunker.

Nose: Barley and Demerara sugar, sherried, spices(clove, allspice, cinnamon, ... ), touch of lemon, dunnage warehouse, earthy soil floor. boteles, sweaty sock

Taste: salted caramel, dark chocolate, leather, walnut oil, black pepper, red berries, lemon tangerine, chilies, oily mouthful

Finish: long leather, autumn forest floor, black pepper, tannins with a lingering spicy sweetness

Overall: balanced harmony, complex, right amount of heat which ties the flavours together. Cons: the cork on the last few opening before decanting to a reference sample broke.

I've read complaints that current batches are sulfured. I have a recent batch which I have not opened as yet.

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cricklewood replied

@fiddich1980 Your description is spot on from what I remember. I snagged an old batch for @Robert99 in Calgary right at the point they we're changing the label/box design. I've heard rumblings of decrease in quality but i'm not sure if it's founded or not, it has become rather scarce since then. My contacts out wast haven't seen a bottle on shelves in a while.

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Victor replied

Casa Noble Crystal (blanco) tequila. I like Casa Noble's distillate very much, but found that with both their Crystal (blanco) and their reposado a lot of air time was excellent for them and much to be desired. The Casa Noble Anejo I have bought from 2 batches. The first was celestial music; the second, and current, only acceptable. I would buy it again, but the disappointment in going from bottles of that first batch to the second was large. My confidence in trying it again stems from the quality of their underlying distillate.

I find that 100% agave tequila in general ages/takes air very well, and holds up for years, often much better than at first bottle opened. Tequila takes air better, I would say, than does whisky.

I find that blanco tequila gives a wonderful contrast to the flavours from wood and grain. But you have to like vegetal flavours to like the taste of agave. It was an acquired taste for me as I think that it would be for most whisky drinkers.

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Victor replied

@MadSingleMalt, or alternately, in the long form: like the far-off sound of silver bells gently tinkling in the cold winter's night's air. Just a short few months away in Madison, Wisconsin.

I really hope to taste from another batch of Casa Noble Anejo that tastes just like that!

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RianC replied

@Victor - I know it's small fry by comparison but I had some more El Jimador Reposado last week. Bottle's been open well over a year with about 150ml left and it tasted better than ever. I'd expected it to lose flavour and weaken, as would most spirits at that cost, but the opposite occurred.

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Victor replied

@RianC tequila typically holds up very well in the open bottle, better than whisky, for sure. And, like whisky, it very often gets much better after it has some time to breathe the air. I am nearing the end of a bottle of 1800 brand Reposado I opened in October of 2012. It still tastes great too. That's another high quality inexpensive choice in tequila. (The Reposado hits the sweet spot. The 1800 Anejo is over-tannic for my taste.) 1800 brand is not a Jose Cuervo product, but the brand is owned by the same family that owns Jose Cuervo. I surmise different distillery, same owners.

I never pooh-pooh El Jimador. I always look forward to drinking it. It's quality tequila. I love it all the more that it costs half the price (in the US) of stuff that is often not as good. Good is good. Good and inexpensive at the same time is GREAT!

El Jimador is the junior brand of Herradura, both owned by Brown-Forman, the owners of Jack Daniels.

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TracerBullet replied

Just finished this beauty, Glendalough 13 year old Mizunara Cask. I know they are only finishing liquid from Cooley at this point but my wife and I have really enjoyed the Mizunara finish.

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@TracerBullet, one could do a lot worse than finishing Cooley malt in Mizunara wood! wink

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Last night I finished my Wild Turkey 101. It’s been my only bottle on our family’s east coast trip. The trip is winding down, and we’ll be in Montmagny, QC by the end of the day, Cornwall, ON, tomorrow, and home in the Greater Victoria Harbour area on Wednesday.

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