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Alberta Distillers' average rating is 83/100 from 38 reviews and 89 ratings

Alberta Distillers reviews

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Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

Happy Canada Day - Part I Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

Some time ago, I wrote a very short review of Alberta Premium (one of the first that I wrote here), and only scored it a 75. If I wrote it now, it would probably be in the high-80s, low-90s. But here I…

@talexanderBy @talexander11 years ago 0 380

Alberta Premium

Alberta Premium Alberta Premium

This review is based on tasting notes a wrote a few months ago, so memory is hazy. A gentle, warm floral aroma of citrus, with a very rye flavor (Alberta whiskies are almost exclusively rye) - sweet and…

@talexanderBy @talexander12 years ago 0 575

Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

A delicate breath of rye. Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

So how does one start with such a hyped-up whisky?Aged in charred oak casks, then decanted and recasked for four years, the rye has become as delicate as a flower. The oak is ever present but never over…

@RobertHBy @RobertH12 years ago 0 193

Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

Old gold Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

I've had some time adjusting to this, and now here it is, my official review. I'm drinking it out of a Glencairn Canadian Whisky Glass with a single ice cube, for those that want to know.Nose: rich,…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt12 years ago 0 089

Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

Sweet and Spicy Magic Alberta Premium 30 Year Old

After nearly a month of anxious waiting and checking the LCBO website everyday, I finally have a bottle of Alberta Premium 30 year old. In typical Alberta Premium style the bottle is far from presumpt…

@michaelschoutBy @michaelschout12 years ago 0 1093

Alberta Premium

Rarified Rye Beam Won't Share Alberta Premium

I read about Alberta Premium 100% rye mash whiskey for 2 years before I was able to get a taste of it. Alberta Premium is one of three rye mash whiskeys made by Alberta Distillers Limited in Calgary,…

@VictorBy @Victor12 years ago 0 2488

Tangle Ridge

The 9% Non-Solution Tangle Ridge

Alberta Distillers, Ltd, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is currently owned by Beam Brands Global. Alberta Distillers makes Alberta Premium rye whiskey, which derives from a 100% rye mashbill. Because Alb…

@VictorBy @Victor12 years ago 0 168

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