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Bernheim's average rating is 84/100 from 15 reviews and 28 ratings

Bernheim reviews

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Bernheim Original

Bernheim 7 years aged Bernheim Original

Nose: very bourbon-like but the sweetness is creamier. Moist vanilla cake. With lemon buttercream icing! Decadent sweetness atop rich, toasted oak. Marvellous aroma. Taste: full-bodied, with big…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt4 years ago 4 592

Bernheim Original

Wheat whiskey surprise Bernheim Original

I just found a new friend. Nose: Bread, gingerbread, oak, cereal, cinnamon, vanillaTaste: Oak, brown sugar, sherbet, ripe tropical fruit Finish: Peppers, oakI checked back on the bottle in month four and…

@FrostBy @Frost5 years ago 0 286

Bernheim Original

And then comes the spices! Bernheim Original

I opened this bottle about a year ago. I didn't like it then. It was way to sweet and the wheat cream flavor was covering everything being more like oatmeal. So I left it unattended for 10 months, just…

@Robert99By @Robert996 years ago 0 083

Bernheim Original

Subtelty Bernheim Original

Oops, forgot to review that one. I've had it for quite a while now.Drunk neat from a bottle that is down to a third of its volume and has first been opened well over a year ago.Nose: It's remarkably…

@MatthieuBy @Matthieu6 years ago 0 289

Bernheim Original

Kentucky Burnt Leather Bernheim Original

I started drinking whisky only because of my love for bourbons. Big bold personalities unashamed of smothering you with flavors whereas most Scottish single malts chose to remain restrained and courteous…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist7 years ago 0 393

Bernheim Original

Light Gentle Wheat Bernheim Original

When I give tastings I am often amazed at how many people love the flavour profile of a wheated whiskey...amazed because there are so few wheat-dominant whiskeys on the market. Those wheat-dominant…

@VictorBy @Victor7 years ago 0 185

Bernheim Original

Smooth wheat Bernheim Original

As far as I know this is the only wheat whisky made in America. Distinct from a wheated bourbon.Nose: Sweet spices of cinnamon, cooked vanilla, some toasted notes of oak, a slight light custard creami…

JBy @Jason01427 years ago 0 083

Bernheim Original

Extreme Wheat Bernheim Original

Got me a sample of another extreme. This one is extreme, because it is a 100% Wheater. It is extreme, but in a gentle way.The nose reminds me of the Maker's Mark Red Seal, something which isn't surpri…

@WillsBy @Wills8 years ago 0 483

Bernheim Original

Gentle Wheater Bernheim Original

Wheat Whiskies are a bit of an outlier in the Bourbon world.In order to be classified as a Wheat Whiskey, you must have at least 51% Wheat in the mashbill. (the grains that make up your recipe) In this…

@whiskyjourneyBy @whiskyjourney8 years ago 0 584

Bernheim Original

Soft As a Whisper Bernheim Original

“Wheat” whiskey is a rather old kind of spirit, by New World standards anyway, but it has laid dormant for some time. Continuing along its playful streak, Heaven Hill reintroduced the category with…

@dbkBy @dbk8 years ago 0 083

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