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Brora's average rating is 92/100 from 40 reviews and 78 ratings

Brora reviews

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Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2009

An Early Peak Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2009

Nothing to start, then burns the nose holes. Reminds of wickedly amplified Old Pulteney. Lots of fresh seaside and iodine flavours. Something very green and fresh like NZ Sauvignon Blanc. Turns to oaky…

@chrisrbarrettBy @chrisrbarrett9 years ago 0 092

Brora 25 Year Old Bot 2008

Classic Brora Brora 25 Year Old Bot 2008

A sample from a friend (sometimes life is just awesome)-Nose: Lemon, waxy, some light coal and diesel fuel. Ginger, apple, white wine. This is all elegant, and just the slightest element of smoke. Olives…

nBy @numen9 years ago 0 192

Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2009

Brora brilliance Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2009

More samples!Nose: Cheese! goat cheese and salted manchego. Oily, waxy, and a touch nutty. Some vanilla in the back. Plastic a la putty (it's actually appetizing). The peat and smoke are there, but just…

nBy @numen9 years ago 0 193

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