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Brora's average rating is 92/100 from 40 reviews and 78 ratings

Brora reviews

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Brora 1982 20 Year Old

Black Pepper Brora 1982 20 Year Old

Brora is the stuff of legend, certainly older Brora. This 20 Year Old was bottled by Diageo in their last, often praised and by now almost unaffordable, Rare Malts Selection in 2003.The nose is surpri…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 1 288

Brora 32 Year Old 10th Release bottled 2011

Exciting Brora Brora 32 Year Old 10th Release bottled 2011

When I hosted a tasting at a local retailer last summer, the sympathetic owner gave me a 10cl sample of this stuff: the Bora 32 Year Old. It is a very expensive, but highly coveted bottle, this 10th…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 0 091

Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2007

Bombastic Brora Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2007

The Brora 30 Year Old has appeared yearly since 2002, always at cask strength. The first 9 release (I already tried the 8th about a year ago) were always 30 years old, but the 10th is a 32 Year Old and…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 0 095

Brora 23 Year Old 1981/2005 cask #1425

Sherry and brine Brora 23 Year Old 1981/2005 cask #1425

Nose: Big sherry, meaty sort of, quite some sulfur, but hey i like this! a bit of smoke, and a hefty load of brine, salty sort of, plum jam, apples, ripe figs and some dried fig high in sugar … lovely…

@galgBy @galg10 years ago 0 092

Brora 1982 Connoisseur's Choice

Timid Brora 1982 Connoisseur's Choice

I had this Brora before at the Whisky Festival in Ghent, Belgium, last February. I remember it being pretty good, which is why I got me another sample on the spot. I didn’t make any notes at the time,…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 years ago 0 084

Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2009

Hearth Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2009

My friends keep telling me I need to taste a 30 Year Old Brora. To get them off my back (just kidding!), I’m doing this today. It’s the 2009 release, of which I got a sample (because 250 quid for a…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 years ago 0 791

Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2007

Beauty in a bottle Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2007

Nose: Peat straight up, with plenty of those Brora'y notes, direct from the farm. It can best be described as standing in a barn, just after a heavy downpour. Cows, wet fur, soaked earth - quite the…

KBy @Kaspergvalentin12 years ago 0 395

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