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Canadian Club's average rating is 78/100 from 54 reviews and 124 ratings

Canadian Club reviews

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Canadian Club Reserve 10 Year Old

Grapey Fruity Canadian Canadian Club Reserve 10 Year Old

The bottle states that this blended whiskey is matured in white oak barrels for 10 years. Nose: light, sweet, indistinct, honey, caramelTaste: grapes, pears, sweet, a little caramel and honey. There is…

@VictorBy @Victor11 years ago 0 075

Canadian Club

Bad Vodka Worse Whiskey Canadian Club

Granted I think this whiskey is advertised as a whisky meant for mixing, or at least over ice. But being somewhat of a purist, I am toughing it up and drinking it straight.The nose is alcohol and straw…

DBy @DramWhisky11 years ago 0 035

Canadian Club

A good mixer Canadian Club

Unremarkable but clear tasting blended whisky good as a mixer, ok straight.

@nikkamanBy @nikkaman12 years ago 0 160