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Compass Box's average rating is 85/100 from 142 reviews and 313 ratings

Compass Box reviews

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Compass Box Eleuthera

New Offering in New Delivery Method Compass Box Eleuthera

Never seen this before, Compass Box in nips! Never tried this offering either, so this is a trip! They make some nice whiskys, and are very experimental. Reading up a bit reveals this is a blended com…

@PeatBy @Peat11 years ago 0 075

Compass Box The Peat Monster

"the peat monster"? Compass Box The Peat Monster

So... it's a little peaty. It's kind of smokey. but it's not as peaty and smokey as i would of thought it to be with a name like "the peat monster". This vatted malt scotch whiskey is very warm(too hot…

@nickithepBy @nickithep11 years ago 0 260