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Four Roses' average rating is 84/100 from 62 reviews and 194 ratings

Four Roses reviews

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Four Roses Single Barrel

I'm still new to this Four Roses Single Barrel

pours light brown with notes of vanilla and gasoline on the nose. Lots of vanilla on the tongue which I'm guessing is from the influence of the barrel. Not exactly smooth going down and I can't exactly…

DBy @DiarmaidBHK2 years ago 0 174

Four Roses Single Barrel

Buy This Four Roses Single Barrel

This is my go-to bourbon. It's great in just about every way. It's not complex, but what it excels in its simplicity.Nose: Sweet and creamy. Very soft with simple vanilla and toffee aromas.Taste: Full…

FBy @Freedomtoast2 years ago 0 084

Four Roses - Small Batch

Delicate and Elegant Four Roses - Small Batch

Pleas bare with me. This is only the second bottle of bourbon I've ever purchased. I've had my share of bourbons, but only at local bars and get togethers, etc, etc... I always heard of Four Roses being…

@vrudy6By @vrudy63 years ago 0 584

Four Roses 2011 Limited Edition 57.5%

Top Tier Four Roses Four Roses 2011 Limited Edition 57.5%

The reviewed bottle belongs to my sister, has been open for 3 years, and is 80% full. I've consumed most of that 20% of the bottle over these 3 years. This is OBSQ recipe, 35% rye in the mash, bottle #…

@VictorBy @Victor3 years ago 0 090

Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses - A Chameleon Four Roses Single Barrel

Still very new to tasting productively. Trying to challenge myself to really report just what I taste and not be swayed by other reviewers/thoughts. So this may be way off. Who knows.Nose: Immediately…

@jtotheeshBy @jtotheesh3 years ago 0 084

Four Roses Single Barrel

Wow... Four Roses Single Barrel

Every once in a while you taste a whisky that really hits it out of the park. I'm not a huge bourbon guy, but this might be one of my favourite whiskies ever. Also, it is one of those rare drams where…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt3 years ago 0 595

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