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Isle of Jura 1995 Bourbon Jo Finish

Average score from 2 reviews and 7 ratings 87

Isle of Jura 1995 Bourbon Jo Finish

Product details

  • Brand: Isle of Jura
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Series: Boutique Barrels
  • ABV: 56.5%
  • Vintage: 1995

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Isle of Jura 1995 Bourbon Jo Finish

The final Jura to try is the special Boutique Barrel Bourbon JO. Heaven knows what the XU, JI and JO mean, but it is definitively good whisky. This one matured in the moist and cool Warehouse Number 1.

The nose show typical bourbon traits such as vanilla, ginger, white pepper. The citrus is beautiful. Fresh slices of lemon and oranges, wrapped in mint and cinnamon. Soft toffee. Some white fruit emerges. Apples and pears. Continues to develop and gets better all the time.

If it were any creamier, you could spread it on a sandwich! Honeysweet with yellow fruit on syrup, like pineapple, mirabelles and apricots. Soft spices with vanilla, cinnamon and pepper. Mouthcoating like you would not believe.

The long, sweet finish allows the spices to continue their song.

Wonderful whisky that combines the best of a bourbon cask with good spirit. One of the better official Jura I have had at this point (although I must say the distillery character is conspicuously absent again).


Nose : Vanilla, Wood Polish, Green apples, Wood , Citrus . with water : much fruitier, lots of citrus, and green apples and pears. some freshly cut grass. very fresh . wood is all gone.

Palate: Starts sweet, vanilla, fruity (orange marmalade, Lemon zest) , spicy oak. Very nice,I like this oneā€¦ with water: spicier, nuttier , smoke is revealed, chilly. yeah, chilly. quite a change.

Finish : Bitter coffee, then becomes more fruity on apples/pears.

With the addition of water the palate did change quite a bit. the smoke was revealed and chilly notes became evident. a nice change with little water!

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