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Johnnie Walker's average rating is 80/100 from 179 reviews and 636 ratings

Johnnie Walker reviews

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old

A decent blend Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old

Nose: maritime character of Clynelish really shines through. Almond butter with honey. Creamy isn't a smell but I kept thinking of that word. palate: initially, smooth honey. once again, it's obvious…

@DellnolaBy @Dellnola10 years ago 0 383

Johnnie Walk Double Black

Good, But Too Safe Johnnie Walk Double Black

A member of the family picked up a bottle of this for my birthday. I've been anxious to try it as it's not available in the states (or widely released either). I believe Diageo will be releasing it…

@rwbenjeyBy @rwbenjey10 years ago 0 083

The John Walker

King of the Blues? The John Walker

This is the ultra premium expression from the Blue Label range. Only 330 bottles are available from the current batch.Nose: Starting on light smoke with a slightly mossy - vaguely metallic - note it…

@PierreBy @Pierre10 years ago 0 384

Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old

Golden Muesli Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old

Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:Nose: Hints of chestnut, coated in wood-polish. Some apple and dried banana mingle in between almond flakes and honeyed raisins, all murmuring…

@OJKBy @OJK10 years ago 0 1680

Johnnie Walker Red Label

Not for connosrs Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker makes some good blends. This is the exception. It puzzles me how Black Label is so respectable while just below it on the Johnnie ladder the Red is so terrible. Must be made from the…

JBy @Jaz10 years ago 0 710

Johnnie Walker Red Label

The best quality/price blend Johnnie Walker Red Label

I think this is the best quality/price blended I ever taste. Sell with an elegant case for the 100 distillery's anniversary, this rich blended is very good on the rocks or with ice cream; it's very…

rBy @roberto11 years ago 0 170