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Noahs Mill's average rating is 86/100 from 5 reviews and 28 ratings

Noahs Mill reviews

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Noah's Mill

Noah's Mill...worth the bill? Noah's Mill

At $50 a bottle and at the ABV% it naturally should be compared to Booker's. So of you had to choose between the two which one should you go with? Supposedly, this comes from the Willet Distillery,…

@MaltfisherBy @Maltfisher10 years ago 0 077

Noah's Mill

Promising, but disappointing Noah's Mill

from a purchased sample- Nose: Dark and dry rye wood. Cocoa and peanut brittle - there's definitely a peanut quality lurking in the second row. Tobacco. Spearmint. Very minty. Menthol. Butterscotch and…

nBy @numen11 years ago 0 079

Noah's Mill

Praise Kentucky! Noah's Mill

I just have to review this one. This is the first REAL Bourbon I've ever got and I just love it from the first moment I've tried it. This is a small batch Bourbon coming to you with a nice 57.15% ABV in…

@WillsBy @Wills11 years ago 0 1196

Noah's Mill

Hay-loft Noah's Mill

This Noah’s Mill is, like the Rowan’s Creek, produced in the Mecca of bourbons, Bardstown, Kentucky and matured for 15 years (although the label does not carry an age statement). It is bottled at a…

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 years ago 1 088

Noah's Mill

Rich Cask Strength Bourbon Noah's Mill

Noah’s Mill (NM), a small batch Bourbon, bottled at 57.17% ABV, and produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd, Bardstown, KY, is the boldest offering in their Small Batch Collection: Noah’s Mill,…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice13 years ago 0 992

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