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Old Crow's average rating is 89/100 from 2 reviews and 5 ratings

Old Crow reviews

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Old Crow bottled 1970s

A good old bourbon Old Crow bottled 1970s

Found this in my grandpa's alcohol cabinet, been sitting there since the 1970's before the brand was bought out by Jim Beam and converted to a cheap, bottom shelf whiskey. It's a really fine bourbon.

@Shane_ILBy @Shane_IL4 years ago 0 286

Old Crow

Best drinking Bourbon Hands down! Old Crow

A product that has been with us since 1835. Mark Twain and Hunter S. Thompson loved this bourbon. I love this bourbon, and you will too. The price point is excellent, but do not let that fool you. Old…

@icefrogBy @icefrog9 years ago 0 4100

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