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Tamnavulin's average rating is 77/100 from 17 reviews and 26 ratings

Tamnavulin reviews

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Tamnavulin 20 Year Old 1992 Cadenhead’s

Glünavulin Tamnavulin 20 Year Old 1992 Cadenhead’s

Tamnavulin… now that is a distillery that really does not appear on my radar often. This is only the twelfth dram I try from this Speysider. The name of the distillery, by the way, means ‘mill on the…

@markjedi1By @markjedi1 about one year ago 0 081

Tamnavulin 25 Year Old 1991 WhiskyBroker

Cabinet Maker Tamnavulin 25 Year Old 1991 WhiskyBroker

Boy, this is only my tenth Tamnavulin. Not really a distillery that appears on my radar often. That has everything to do with the fact that the standard range does not really inspire me. Obviously, the…

@markjedi1By @markjedi12 years ago 0 082

Tamnavulin Double Cask

Apple Tamnavulin Double Cask

Tamnavulin is still owned by Whyte & Mackay, but was only recently relaunched as a single malt. 2016, I believe. Before that, you hardly found any because the company focused on Isle of Jura and – to…

@markjedi1By @markjedi12 years ago 0 078

Tamnavulin 1977 Inchedemmie Dew

Esquire Tamnavulin 1977 Inchedemmie Dew

I could not find a lot of information on this bottle. It would seem that a certain Mr Gray bottled this for his Inchedemmie Villa in Forres, near Elgin. I have no clue who Mr Gray was, but by the looks…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 years ago 0 082

Tamnavulin 12 Year Old

Docile or Delicate? Tamnavulin 12 Year Old

This Speysider – which is owned by Whyte & Mackay – was bottled in 2005 gebotteld and can still be found today, even though it is no longer being produced. There are not that many official bottlings of…

@markjedi1By @markjedi14 years ago 0 078

Tamnavulin 10yo (80's miniature)

Tamnavulin Teenager Tamnavulin 10yo (80's miniature)

The last distillery on my list that begins with the letter ‘T’, appropriately enough also the youngest distillery build in Scotland from the T-class. Maybe Torabhaig, the newcomer from the magnificent…

@PandemoniumBy @Pandemonium5 years ago 0 077

Tamnavulin 21Yr Old Signle Cask

Class in a glass Tamnavulin 21Yr Old Signle Cask

I must admit I had never heard of Tamnavulin until around 6 months ago. Scotland has many distilleries and this is one of those that happily hides in plain sight. Started in 1966 this is a very efficient…

@tjbBy @tjb7 years ago 0 187

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