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Glen Elgin's average rating is 83/100 from 33 reviews and 55 ratings

Glen Elgin reviews

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Dimensions Glen Elgin 12

Thin Gold Line Dimensions Glen Elgin 12

Glen Elgin appealed to me as a single malt by way of crazy logic. I seemed to enjoy it as a constituent of blends (such as Asyla from Compass Box), and thus was willing to give our local organized crime…

@TheConscienceBy @TheConscience7 years ago 0 082

Glen Elgin 14 Year Old 1991 Signatory

Fruit salad Glen Elgin 14 Year Old 1991 Signatory

The Glen Elgin distillery is located about 3 kilometres south of the town with the same name, a stone’s throw away from BenRiach and Longmorn. The production is destined for the White Horse blends. Hence…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 086

Glen Elgin 35 Year Old 1975 The Whisky Agency

Mint Tea Glen Elgin 35 Year Old 1975 The Whisky Agency

The Whisky Agency has bottled no less than four casks for 1975 Glen Elgin (or at least parts of it, judging from the number of bottles). Three in the Perfect Dram series and this one from the so-called…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 086

Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

Kill Bill vol. 2 in a bottle Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

Glen Elgin 12 years old gave me mixed emotions. For me it feels like a sequel to something more full. That's why it was easy to make a reference to Kill Bill. Kill Bill vol. 2 wasn't completely bad but…

@RantavahtiBy @Rantavahti8 years ago 0 078

Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

A Glen Elgin Voyage Part I Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

Glen Elgin is somewhat of a forgotten malt in the Diageo canon - you cannot get distillery bottlings here in Ontario. But it is often considered more deserving than Cragganmore of being their Speyside…

@talexanderBy @talexander8 years ago 0 088

Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

Fresh and fruity Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

To celebrate the Speyside festival we have a new tasting: hidden gems of speyside. First up, Glen Elgin 12. Glen Elgin distillery was the last distillery to be built during the boom years of the 1890s…

@WTCBy @WTC8 years ago 0 085

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