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Glen Elgin's average rating is 83/100 from 33 reviews and 55 ratings

Glen Elgin reviews

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Glen Elgin Connoisseurs Choice 1995

The Glen of Elegance Glen Elgin Connoisseurs Choice 1995

There isn't a single review of a Glen Elgin expression as yet, and that simply cannot continue, this wonderful distillery deserves greater perusal of its wares, and you deserve an introduction to this…

@smokeybarrelsBy @smokeybarrels9 years ago 0 292

Glen Elgin 25 Year Old Bladnoch Forum

Saltwood Glen Elgin 25 Year Old Bladnoch Forum

Bladnoch, the recently revived Lowland distillery, profiles itself also as independent bottler by offering single casks at cask strength from a whole range of distilleries to her forum members. This is…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 0 078

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