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Hancock's average rating is 87/100 from 4 reviews and 10 ratings

Hancock's reviews

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Hancock's President's Reserve

In Obamas favor? Hancock's President's Reserve

I have no clue, if a presiden would like this. But the name sounds impressive. It comes with 44.45% ABV. Nice correctness, nearly German-like, but Adrian Monk would crack the warehouse and add a dash of…

@WillsBy @Wills6 years ago 0 082

Hancock's President's Reserve

Rich but elegant Hancock's President's Reserve

Hancock's President's Reserve is one of the single-barrel offerings of the Buffalo Trace distillery, and probably my favorite of the lot aside from the rather more expensive Blanton's Gold Edition.App…

BBy @BourbonNorth16 years ago 0 290

Hancock's President's Reserve

Rich and Sweet Hancock's President's Reserve

Hancock's President's Reserve is one of four Single Barrel products produced at Buffalo Trace Distillery, along with Blanton's, Elmer T. Lee, and Rock Hill Farms. I had a very delicious sample of Hanc…

@VictorBy @Victor7 years ago 0 290

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