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Highland Park's average rating is 86/100 from 287 reviews and 947 ratings

Highland Park reviews

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Highland Park Dark Origins

Dark Origins Highland Park Dark Origins

HP have a history of making quality drams so I was pleased to purchase and open this bottle. It is made from spirit matured in different cask types. 80% first-fill Sherry casks (20% refill) - 60% are…

@tjbBy @tjb2 years ago 1 286

Highland Park Dark Origins

Smoked Treacle Highland Park Dark Origins

In my experience I have found HP to have an awful lot of batch variance in their releases, particularly their standard 12YO. Sometimes it's a rich smokey experience, other times I've found it rather…

@Nemesis101By @Nemesis1012 years ago 0 188

Highland Park SMWS 4.195

Acrobat In An Orchestra Highland Park SMWS 4.195

Highland Park does some questionable stuff and some pretty awesome stuff at the same time. The older HPs (18, 21, 25, 30) are all pretty awesome in my opinion. All this other business with vikings and…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist2 years ago 0 688

Highland Park 18 Year Old

Highland park 18 Highland Park 18 Year Old

Highland park 18 Highland park distillery is found on the island of Orkney, the 18yo release is part of the core range and is thought of by many as a favourite. Bottled at 43% you can’t help but think…

@sorrenBy @sorren2 years ago 0 383

Highland Park 18 Year Old

Price and Quality Comparisons Highland Park 18 Year Old

Scent: Bit-o-honey, light smoke, caramel, dried cut grass, Asian pear, cumin, buttered toast. In the mouth, this whisky reveals more sweetness that borders on cloying. Over some fruit, the smoke rises…

@CunundrumBy @Cunundrum2 years ago 1 084

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