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Jameson's average rating is 78/100 from 55 reviews and 290 ratings

Jameson reviews

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Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve

Best buy in my mind... Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve

I love Jameson. I got a bottle of 12 year once as a gift and was amazed at the difference noticed from their flagship whisky. Two fingers with one cube of ice. Medium-bodied and low peat. Notes of malty…

@tabendarBy @tabendar9 years ago 0 195


Jameson Irish Whisky Jameson

I've been a pretty big fan of Jameson during my earlier college years, but I was a young chap back then; I liked it, but I liked everything. Now that I feel I've had a bit of experience in whisky, I…

@cweidlerBy @cweidler10 years ago 0 185

Jameson 18 Year Old

One of Jameson's finest Jameson 18 Year Old

Jameson's blends nearly unerringly improve with age. The 18 year old 'master selection' is no exception. Full-bodied, rich in flavours, it is nonetheless easy to drink thanks to the presence Jameson's…

@badamsBy @badams10 years ago 0 280


Not bad for Ireland's No 1 Jameson

I simply had to try this one as I have a soft spot for Irish whiskey - and this is the bestselling brand, I'm told by the store owner who sold me the bottle.It was originally distilled in Dublin, but is…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 0 165


Have just tried ... Jameson Irish Whiskey Jameson

This Jameson is golden amber in colour with an aromatic nose. There is some initial sweetness which incorporates vanilla, dried fruits (think of sultanas plus candied orange and lemon peel) and cereal…

@whisky4everyoneBy @whisky4everyone10 years ago 0 075