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Springbank's average rating is 87/100 from 184 reviews and 469 ratings

Springbank reviews

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Springbank 15 Year Old

Smooth, Spicy and Satisfying Springbank 15 Year Old

This is my first Cambeltown Whisky and what a real pleasure. On the nose there is toffee, honey and sea-spray with a hint of spicecake and oranges, on the palate its smooth and buttery with honey and…

@mattbergBy @mattberg9 years ago 0 395

Springbank 10 Year Old

Between Campbeltown and Cooley Springbank 10 Year Old

The Springbank 10 year-old is my first ‘serious’ foray into Campbeltown territory, but it has quickly made me a convert. This is a remarkable malt, and has replaced several others as my preferred daily…

@dbkBy @dbk9 years ago 0 890

Springbank 10 Year Old

Forgetten Candy Thermometer Springbank 10 Year Old

Colour is ridiculously dark for a young scotch (assume longer time, or fresher sherry cask). Nose still shows alcohol like the Hazelburn, but with a touch more spicy. Finish is a rich creme brulee, leggy…

@chrisrbarrettBy @chrisrbarrett9 years ago 0 270

Springbank 10 Year Old 100 Proof

All that and a Springbank 10 Year Old 100 Proof

This is a seriously complicated whisky. It hit me with so much at once that it took a second to get my bearings. So I relaxed and tried to go with it and thats when the genius of this malt hit me. It's…

@peatsmokerBy @peatsmoker9 years ago 1 195

Springbank 10 Year Old

Youthful Sophistication Springbank 10 Year Old

Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:Nose: Most intriguing. There is a strong waft of pears poached in red wine, however the underlying oak and spice balances it out perfectly. 2…

@OJKBy @OJK10 years ago 0 680