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Springbank's average rating is 87/100 from 184 reviews and 469 ratings

Springbank reviews

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Springbank 16 Year Old

Civilised spiced honey mead Springbank 16 Year Old

Between passing a recent exam and a birthday a few days ago, my wife has spoiled me rotten with 4 new bottles - Sullivans Cove Double Cask (my review is here: http://www.connosr.com/reviews/sullivans…

@jdcookBy @jdcook9 years ago 0 694

Springbank 10 Year Old

Quite the pleasant surprise! Springbank 10 Year Old

The nose was quite a surprise when I first opened the bottle; a strange strawberry hint...afterward turning to dense, overripe fruit, creme, and barley.When it hits the palate, creme fruit is first and…

@rwbenjeyBy @rwbenjey9 years ago 0 091

Springbank 15 Year Old

A great dram after a great dinner Springbank 15 Year Old

Nose: Oak, citrus, dark suger, caramel and candy sweetsTaste: Lively and spicy. citrus and lemon, bubbly and butter. Some fudge. Light summer flowers and at the same time malt and soil. Summary: A really…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin9 years ago 0 182

Springbank 10 Year Old

Nuanced, Eccentric, and Challenging Springbank 10 Year Old

[Reposted from my Blog: See Profile]Springbank is a composite of rarities. It is one of the very few distilleries that performs the entire distillation process from malting on-site (its own floor malt…

@ScotchNoobBy @ScotchNoob9 years ago 0 083

Springbank 15 Year Old

Smoke, Salt and Pepper Springbank 15 Year Old

This is my first Campbeltown, and I am very excited about it. There are a couple Springbank whiskies I have been looking at and trying to decide upon at the local shop, but I wanted to taste this 15yr…

@jwiseBy @jwise9 years ago 0 170

Springbank 10 Year Old

One I have never taken to Springbank 10 Year Old

I've had this bottle of Springbank for many years. It may have been my first single-malt purchase. I think I got taken in by romantic descriptions of Campbeltown malts. I've never quite taken to it,…

@magichabitsBy @magichabits9 years ago 0 070

Springbank 10 Year Old

feisty sophistication Springbank 10 Year Old

My first foray into this brand was the 15 year old which I thought was superb but the 10 yr old offers something very different. Best completely neat and after a couple of measures and a hour or so…

@mattbergBy @mattberg9 years ago 0 398