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Whyte and Mackay's average rating is 75/100 from 19 reviews and 53 ratings

Whyte and Mackay reviews

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Whyte and Mackay 13 Year Old

Sherry Marriage Whyte and Mackay 13 Year Old

Sultanas & raisins on the nose and a hint of vanilla way back. Chewy sweetness on the palate, soft rounded and kind. Long finish spices cracking out at the end.

@bourbondrinkerBy @bourbondrinker7 years ago 0 077

Whyte and Mackay 30 Year Old

Marzipan Whyte and Mackay 30 Year Old

According to Richard Paterson – aka The Nose – this premium blend contains whiskies from 30 to 36 years of age. Hence it is not cheap. I saw it recently in the UK for around £150. The colour reveals the…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 188

Whyte and Mackay 30 Year Old

The Lions' Roar Whyte and Mackay 30 Year Old

The refined elder statesman of the Whyte & Mackay range, the Thirty Year Old, is a delight to behold. A brace of gilded lions rampant grace the imposing black box that hides the austerely enigmatic…

@jdhowensBy @jdhowens7 years ago 0 092

Whyte and Mackay 13 Year Old

A dram for all reasons Whyte and Mackay 13 Year Old

The first thing that strikes you about The Thirteen is the rounded quality of the nose. It's gently unobtrusive but inviting, and exceptionally harmonious. The defining characteristic is a sweetness, but…

@jdhowensBy @jdhowens8 years ago 0 285

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