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Bruichladdich's average rating is 85/100 from 284 reviews and 808 ratings

Bruichladdich reviews

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Bruichladdich XVII 17 Year Old

Bittersweet Brookie Bruichladdich XVII 17 Year Old

Today I’ll be trying three Brookies H2H. All three are thus from the famous Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay. I’ll start off with the XVII, the regular 17 Year Old.This one smells wonde…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 0 385

Bruichladdich Peat

Whisky and Cinnamon Hearts Bruichladdich Peat

We filled up on whisky We filled up on wine We filled up on cinnamon hearts And when we were done, Took our tingly tongues And licked all our favourite parts —Matthew Barber, “Cinnamon Hearts”…

@dbkBy @dbk10 years ago 0 688

Bruichladdich 1989 Black Art 19 Year Old

Pink whisky Bruichladdich 1989 Black Art 19 Year Old

The 19 years old Bruichladdich Black Art is a tribute to alchemy. It was finished in bourbon casks as well as different types of wine casks in warehouse n°12. The spectacular pink hue already informs you…

@WhiskyNotesBy @WhiskyNotes10 years ago 0 283

Bruichladdich 15 Year Old 2nd Edition

Light Islay!! Bruichladdich 15 Year Old 2nd Edition

Amazing!!it was first time for me to have a light Islay Whisky. Very Light but Bruichladdich had a good peat. What is a deep world the scotch whisky!!And I met this bottle at SENDAI city where was the…

@shimaajiBy @shimaaji11 years ago 0 080

Bruichladdich Octomore 2.2 "Orpheus"

Complex Peat Monster Bruichladdich Octomore 2.2 "Orpheus"

Nose : Sweet peaty candy. The 'Laddie' signature sweetness, and the peat hovering above. One would expect Harsher peat from a 140 ppm malt, but the sweetness is very well integrated into the peat. I left…

@galgBy @galg11 years ago 0 390