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Bruichladdich's average rating is 85/100 from 284 reviews and 808 ratings

Bruichladdich reviews

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Bruichladdich 12 Year Old 1st Edition

Ideal aperitif Bruichladdich 12 Year Old 1st Edition

I had this before lunch with my colleagues the other day. It was my first encounter with Bruichladdich and it was one to remember.The nose is very fruity with tones of oranges, rather clean and with oak…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 years ago 0 181

Bruichladdich Infinity

String Islay without peat Bruichladdich Infinity

The Bruichladdich Infinity is a strong Islay matured in a sherry cask. It's very warm and round, sometimes strong and complex. The nose contains wood, beer, and toffee, but also some pepper. The body is…

@TheMueBy @TheMue11 years ago 0 170

Bruichladdich Waves 7 Year Old

A peaty lollipop Bruichladdich Waves 7 Year Old

This was one of the first Bruichladdichs i've tasted. back than i was not aware of the more flowery sweet noses the laddie is known for, and it took me by surprise.the nose is indeed sweet, like a smoky…

@galgBy @galg11 years ago 0 080

Bruichladdich Waves

Peat's Appearance Properly Subtle Bruichladdich Waves

Honeysuckle and heather introduce this dram fairly, but the nose suffers the high proof somewhat; smell deeply enough and you’ll find a pleasant whiff of salt and seaweed, but also the unfortunate sting…

@BDeVriesBy @BDeVries11 years ago 0 755

Bruichladdich 3D3 Norrie Campbell

For peat lovers Bruichladdich 3D3 Norrie Campbell

Nose: like hanging over a chimney: big, powerful peat as you could expect. Burnt vanilla. Freshened up with some lovely notes of green apple juice and citrus. A bit grainy with hints of dry straw. Really…

@WhiskyNotesBy @WhiskyNotes11 years ago 0 185