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Canadian Club's average rating is 78/100 from 54 reviews and 125 ratings

Canadian Club reviews

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Canadian Club 20 Year Old

A polished dram Canadian Club 20 Year Old

Nose: a gentle intermingling of butterscotch and vanilla, along with damp wood. Deeper down I find a leafy/earthy note. With time, hints of orange or lemon zest emerge. Quite mellow yet complex enough…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt5 years ago 0 983

Canadian Club 100% RYE

Call Me Dusty Canadian Club 100% RYE

A brilliant offering from Canadian Club. This one is a game changer, an extremely smooth and mature 100% single grain rye expression - sweet yet not cloying. Dry and smooth and dusty. Hints of maple…

@paddockjudgeBy @paddockjudge7 years ago 0 1490

Canadian Club 20 Year Old

Remind anyone else of a rum? Canadian Club 20 Year Old

This whisky is a "limited" release, which really means that it is produced in batches as it is a pretty regular offering from CC. It's the same recipe as the standard "Canadian Club", but it is just in…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey7 years ago 0 790

Canadian Club Sherry Cask

Batch C12-047 Canadian Club Sherry Cask

This whisky comes in at 41.3%, a bit higher than the standard Canadian 40%. It is aged about 6 years, then finished for 2 years in Spanish Sherry Casks. As with all Canadian Club whiskies, it is "Barrel…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey7 years ago 0 176

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old

Small Batch batch C12-054 Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old

This whisky, at times, seems to be quite hit and miss. Some people really seem to like it, and some don't seem to care for it much at all. Recently rebranded to try to give more information and attract…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey7 years ago 0 086

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