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Connemara's average rating is 82/100 from 33 reviews and 124 ratings

Connemara reviews

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Connemara Distillers Edition

Citrus Family Connemara Distillers Edition

Some three years ago I tried my first Connemara Distillers Edition. Contrary to most releases of this peaty Irish, this one is bottle not at 40% but at 43%. That gives it just a tad more body in my…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 months ago 1 083

Connemara Peated

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 65 Connemara Peated

In July of this year I was in Calgary for a couple of days. We didn’t really have time to do too much shopping, but we did look around a little, and came upon a store with a number of minis and a dis…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan about one year ago 4 787

Connemara Peated

A bit...pointless Connemara Peated

After having seen a big variance and a few rather positive reviews of this one, I decided to pick one up on a whim as I spotted it on special offer as I was walking through Heathrow airport. Colour:…

RBy @RikS about one year ago 5 1274

Connemara 22 Year Old / Peated Single Malt

Interesting Connemara 22 Year Old / Peated Single Malt

This 22 year old peated malt from Connemara appeared in 2014. It matured 100% on first fill bourbon casks. Just under 4000 bottles were released at 46%. It is only the 12th Connemara that I try, but…

@markjedi1By @markjedi12 years ago 0 087

Connemara Distillers Edition Peated / Gift Pack

Harmonious Connemara Distillers Edition Peated / Gift Pack

In 2016 the Connemara Distillers Edition was first released, at a drinking strength of 43% (as opposed to 40% for the standard versions). It is surprisingly dark, so I guess more than just a few sherry…

@markjedi1By @markjedi13 years ago 1 183

Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey

Batch Variation Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey

Since Beam took over Cooley several years ago, Connemara was put in new livery, but the typical shape of the bottle was kept (contrary to, for example, Kilbeggan). The Peated Single Malt, sometimes…

@markjedi1By @markjedi13 years ago 0 080

Connemara Peated

Les Lacs du Connemara Connemara Peated

A barren plain of rocks earmarked by the raging winds of the Atlantic, an eerie no-man’s-land of moors, bogs and shimmering blue lakes. How the hell did the East-Irish distiller Cooley think they could…

@PandemoniumBy @Pandemonium4 years ago 0 678

Connemara Peated

Wet Newspaper Connemara Peated

Connemara has a few gems. Remember the Turf Mor or the Sherry Finish or some of their single casks? But let us return now to their entry level malt, the Connemara Peated Single Malt. I tried it many…

@markjedi1By @markjedi15 years ago 0 079

Connemara Peated

Fruity peat Connemara Peated

Made at the Cooley Distillery in County Louth, I’m not too sure what this malt has to do with Connemara region which is on the opposite side of the island of Ireland. The Connemara landscape certainly…

@UisgebethaBy @Uisgebetha5 years ago 0 086

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