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Connemara's average rating is 82/100 from 35 reviews and 124 ratings

Connemara reviews

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Connemara Peated

Peated and Irish? Oh Go On Then! Connemara Peated

I’ve not long emptied a bottle of this whiskey, so I thought it would be best to put up a review to finally put it to rest!Connemara is Ireland’s only peated single malt, and this is generally seen as…

@AlanjpBy @Alanjp11 years ago 0 081

Connemara Cask Strength

Magnificent Irish Malt Connemara Cask Strength

This is the Cask Strength Version of the Cooley distillery's Connemara peated malt, the only Irish peated single malt whiskey. There is no age statement on the bottle.Nose: robust peat, gentle malt, a…

@VictorBy @Victor11 years ago 2 193

Connemara Turf Mor

Irish Peat monster. Young and Virile Connemara Turf Mor

Connemara is the Cooley brand for the only irish peated whisky. Normally Connemara is available in a lighter peated expression, a cask strength , and a Sherry finished version. While the Connemara is…

@galgBy @galg12 years ago 0 084

Connemara Peated Sherry Finish

Balanced Irish peat Connemara Peated Sherry Finish

Connemara Sherry finish (40%, OB 2009, 10.000 btl.)Nose: smokey but not (heavily) peated. Hints of red candy, berries and raisins. Something that reminds me of freshly cured leather. Rubber boots as well…

@WhiskyNotesBy @WhiskyNotes12 years ago 0 084

Connemara Turf Mor

Connemara Paradiso Connemara Turf Mor

Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:Nose: Well, it's Connemara alright, (and at the risk of bludgeoning this review to death with a bad pun before it's even started), just with a…

@OJKBy @OJK12 years ago 0 1095

Connemara 12 Year Old Peated

The Connemarauder Connemara 12 Year Old Peated

Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:Nose: A huge explosion of fruit, with raspberry, pineapple and banana flying out in all directions from the wet lawn and soil below, before…

@OJKBy @OJK12 years ago 0 285

Connemara Turf Mor

Irish version of Compass Box? Connemara Turf Mor

Cooley has set its bar high in the past. Watch out, it’s just raised the bar again. The company is rapidly turning in to the Irish version of Compass Box – and praise doesn’t come any higher than that…

@WTCBy @WTC12 years ago 0 090

Connemara 12 Year Old Peated

Game on! Connemara 12 Year Old Peated

This lightly peated Connemara (only 15ppm) was released in a limited edition of 7000 bottles. It wond a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Fair.Nose: lemongrass, dried apple, touch of peat …

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 years ago 0 082

Connemara Turf Mor

I want more... Turf Mor! Connemara Turf Mor

Turf Mor means ‘big peat’ and that is to be taken literally. The malt is peated up to 58 ppm (as opposed to their regular peat-level of about 20 ppm). Actually, this Turf Mor was something of an exper…

@markjedi1By @markjedi112 years ago 0 288

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