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Jim Beam's average rating is 77/100 from 49 reviews and 224 ratings

Jim Beam reviews

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Jim Beam Rye

Charred much? Jim Beam Rye

The nose is full of lovely spices, with deep and powerful wood aromas. The taste though is overly sweet with only mild bamboo notes in the taste. The finish though is overwhelmingly full of burnt grains…

DBy @DramWhisky12 years ago 0 476

Jim Beam Black Label

A black labeled bourbon Jim Beam Black Label

Ah bourbon! It`s what eventually pushed me toward scotch whiskys. Recently, I purchased and tasted more then my fair share of bourbon. Sure the price her in Quebec of bourbon whiskey is far lower then…

@jfpilonBy @jfpilon13 years ago 0 188

Jim Beam Black Label

Beam, Bum or a Bomb? Jim Beam Black Label

Ahh, Jim Beam Black Label. My first bottle of Bourbon purchased with a "mature" palate. As I started this whisk(e)y journey with Scotch, I became curious of what was in my "backyard". Kentucky is famous…

@HP12By @HP1213 years ago 0 087

Jim Beam (ri)1

Where's the Rye? Jim Beam (ri)1

I had been a lover of rye whiskeys for quite awhile before I recently tried the (ri)1. I was very much looking forward to it. As always, I sampled this neat. Nose: Very little nose. Maybe the faintest…

@VictorBy @Victor13 years ago 0 258

Jim Beam White Label

Good to mix... Jim Beam White Label

One of my favorite bourbons to mix with sprite or coke. A bit two sweet for me to venture into to trying it on the rocks but perhaps some day. Notes of vanilla oak. Very good bourbon if your a looking…

@tabendarBy @tabendar13 years ago 0 060

Jim Beam Black Label

Premium Bourbon in Disguise Jim Beam Black Label

Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:Nose: Luxurious pistachio ice-cream and crunchy nougat, with some fresh sweet-corn thrown in for good measure. A beautiful balance of corn and…

@OJKBy @OJK13 years ago 0 485

Jim Beam Rye

Smooth and Sweet Jim Beam Rye

Fruity, sweet, lingering tones of cinnamon. The low price doesn't reflect what's in the bottle. Better than other ryes at twice the price.

@nikkamanBy @nikkaman14 years ago 0 080

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