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Ledaig's average rating is 82/100 from 65 reviews and 127 ratings

Ledaig reviews

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Ledaig 42 Years Dusgadh

Wonderfully Crafted Ledaig 42 Years Dusgadh

Living in Dubai has it's up side when it comes to whiskies. With the enormous amount of wealth and buying power this little city has there is little discussion on where luxury spirits need to be unveiled…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist5 years ago 0 392

Ledaig 18 Year Old Batch 2 Sherry Finish

Tasty Treat Ledaig 18 Year Old Batch 2 Sherry Finish

I recently attended a lovely tasting for Burn Stewart Distillery where they served samples from both their whiskies. The unpeated Tobermory and the lightly peated Ledaig.The evening was conducted by…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist5 years ago 0 087

Ledaig 8 Year Old 2005 The Whisky Mercenary

Assertive Ledaig 8 Year Old 2005 The Whisky Mercenary

The Whisky Mercenary - aka Jürgen Vromans – just launched its first peated non-Islay whisky. It is a Ledaig from 2005. I quite like Ledaig 2005. Remember the bottlings for Anverness, Smoking Buffalo and…

@markjedi1By @markjedi16 years ago 0 085

Ledaig 1996 Connoisseurs Choice

Just a Wind Ledaig 1996 Connoisseurs Choice

Ledaig 1996 Connoisseurs Choice by independent bottlers Gordon and MacPhail. Bottled in 2013. Young age really shows and not in a flattering way. Not a bad whisky at all but more on the mediocre side.I…

@RantavahtiBy @Rantavahti6 years ago 0 280

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