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Tyrconnell's average rating is 80/100 from 28 reviews and 65 ratings

Tyrconnell reviews

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Tyrconnell Single Malt

No nag Tyrconnell Single Malt

Named after a famous racehorse this is a non-age statement single malt whisky, double distilled and bottled at 40% and, like the Locke’s, a light gold in colour. Interesting aromas of vanilla, acetone…

@tjbBy @tjb7 years ago 0 079

Tyrconnell Single Malt

very friendly Tyrconnell Single Malt

I bought this whiskey to have something to compare my Bushmills 10 with. I was not disapointed. It is fresher and full of flavour. On the nose it's fresh: almost lime-like, vanilla, herbal. The taste is…

MBy @Mikey097 years ago 0 074

Tyrconnell Single Malt

Worst Irish Whiskey Tyrconnell Single Malt

I waited with anticipation for this special order, with the expectation that for $48.00 it would be a rare treat. My bottle of Tyconnell was not a taste sensation, it was more like an Irish bomb. It…

fBy @flavjohk8 years ago 0 115

Tyrconnell Single Malt

Very nice Irish Dram! Tyrconnell Single Malt

i was pleasantly surprised how refreshing and smooth Tyrconnell Single Malt is.. Its full of hot buttered toffee sweetness with a bit of hiney and grassiness in there. Kind of like a IPA for a split…

FBy @Fubar13678 years ago 0 089

Tyrconnell Single Malt

Average Tyrconnell Single Malt

This Irish Single Malt caught my attention as I rushed through the airport duty free. I whipped out the cc, grabbed the bottle and ran to the gate. $43.Nose: lemony citrus with hints of green apples,…

@williamsonBy @williamson10 years ago 0 071

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish

Irish Whiskey Part I Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish

I drove to Peterborough last weekend to obtain this hard-to-find-in-Ontario Irish single malt. Was it worth it? Yeah, sure - but good thing it was a nice drive.Cooley's resurrected the Tyrconnell brand…

@talexanderBy @talexander10 years ago 0 081

Tyrconnell Single Malt

A lovely irish single malt! Tyrconnell Single Malt

Nose: Sweet stuff, raisins, golden syrup, rich and fruity, with apples. (red) , spices, a bit of cinnamon bark, woodier also. also some lime edge,lime pie lime tart kind of. Palate: Sweet ‘N spicy with…

@galgBy @galg10 years ago 0 184

Tyrconnell 15 Year Old Single Cask

Lost In A Summer Haze Tyrconnell 15 Year Old Single Cask

Nose: A summery bowl of strawberry and mint, seasoned with fresh vanilla and enjoyed while sitting on a damp summer lawn. This summer treat is accompanied by melons and grapefruits, resting on a cereal…

@OJKBy @OJK10 years ago 0 292

Tyrconnell 15 Year Old Single Cask

Fruit Bomb Tyrconnell 15 Year Old Single Cask

Under the Tyrconnell label (named after a horse that won a famous race against all odds), Cooley brings us several expressions. Aside from their single malt, they also have three wood finished (madeira…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 years ago 0 688

Tyrconnell Single Malt

Irish High Pitched Barley Malt Tyrconnell Single Malt

Tyrconnell is the name of an Irish racehorse that won the Irish Produce Derby in 1876 at 100-1 odds. The review sample is the basic 10 yr old Tyrconnell Single Malt. There are also Port, Madeira, and…

@VictorBy @Victor11 years ago 0 179

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