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Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX

Big malt at a stunning price Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX

Nose: aromatic and luscious. A very complex play of chocolate, raisins, almonds and toffee. Spicy as well: vanilla, cinnamon, ginger. Richly sherried but it respects the original spirit, with hints of…

@WhiskyNotesBy @WhiskyNotes10 years ago 1 990

Bowmore 15 Year Old Mariner

Snap cracle pop! Bowmore 15 Year Old Mariner

This piece of art is possible the best single malt i have ever tasted. it is dark , mystic, and even though forgiving in its taste and aroma. The absolutely best i have ever tasted!

@sudpawBy @sudpaw10 years ago 0 290

Ardbeg Supernova

Light, tasty surprise Ardbeg Supernova

I tried this on a recommendation at my favorite haunt, where it's not normally even on the menu. The nose is surprising light, but peaty. The body is extremely peaty, but not particularly strong. There…

@AnonymousBy @Anonymous10 years ago 0 080

Glenmorangie Astar

Flavour you can almost chew Glenmorangie Astar

I can sit more than a metre away from the glass and still smell this. Fruity, smooth and toffee sweet with a hint of spice - one of the best 'noses' I've come across in my admittedly limited experience…

@jdcookBy @jdcook10 years ago 0 695

Springbank 15 Year Old

Whiskey with your Xmas Pudding Springbank 15 Year Old

I tasted this one also during my trip to Springbank and bought a bottle of it too. This is Springbank 15 years old has matured 100% sherry casks. That is very easily noticed from the nose. The sherry and…

@finski145By @finski14510 years ago 0 375