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Woodford Reserve's average rating is 82/100 from 29 reviews and 141 ratings

Woodford Reserve reviews

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Woodford Reserve

Rich Oak Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is made at the Labrot & Graham Distillery, which is owned by Brown Forman. Other Brown Forman brands include Jack Daniels, Old Forester, and Early Times. The reviewed bottle # 10747 is…

@VictorBy @Victor5 years ago 0 086

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Double Oaked Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Haven't seen a double oaked review on here so here's my two cents.Appearance: Medium amber with thin tear drop legsNose: Initially it’s like taking a big whiff of a toasted oak barrel filled with bran…

@EliBy @Eli6 years ago 0 082

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve standard bottle Woodford Reserve

Last night I was sipping some Slate bourbon. And it was great. I had it in a tasking glass and was enjoying it very much. But I can't do that with this whiskey, because it is too alcoholic.Granted, it…

pBy @peanutaxis6 years ago 0 675

Woodford Reserve

Bourbon + spice = something nice... Woodford Reserve

With my new found interest in bourbon, I decided that I’d grab a miniature bottle from my local booze peddler. Bourbon is not popular here in Taiwan. In fact, most shops don’t carry anything more than…

@hunggarBy @hunggar6 years ago 0 285

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Woodford Reserve

Whiskey tasted neat.Appearance: copper-toned.Nose: Crisp and clean but with some richness to it as well. Some apple, butterscotch, a hint of nuttiness.Palate: Bold butterscotch and maple sweetness bal…

BBy @BourbonNorth16 years ago 0 086

Woodford Reserve

A Conundrum Woodford Reserve

Disclaimer: I'm not really a Bourbon guy.There's definitely a sweetness to this dram on the nose and on the palate. My conundrum is this: without a splash of water, it's a bit aggressive for me but with…

@bvburnesBy @bvburnes6 years ago 0 070

Woodford Reserve

Excellent Bourbon Woodford Reserve

This is the second Bourbon I've tried and let me say that I'm impressed. It's a well rounded Bourbon and at the price, simply cannot be beat! It's outstanding!Nose: The nose on this Bourbon is intense…

mBy @masterj6 years ago 0 082

Woodford Reserve

Thank you Kentucky! Woodford Reserve

I don't have lots of experience with America's defining liquor, Bourbon. After consuming Jim Beam White label, I strayed away from bourbon yet I came back for W.T. 101 which renewed my hopes in this…

@GotOak91By @GotOak917 years ago 0 084

Woodford Reserve

Nice sweetness, unique bottle Woodford Reserve

Batch 622, Bottle 02145. The 750ml bottle has a very interesting flatter shape. I drank this neat with a glass of water on the side. The nose is woody, sweet vanilla. Flavors I found were caramel, sugary…

jBy @jmc7 years ago 0 082

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