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Woodford Reserve's average rating is 82/100 from 30 reviews and 143 ratings

Woodford Reserve reviews

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Woodford Reserve

Nice sweetness, unique bottle Woodford Reserve

Batch 622, Bottle 02145. The 750ml bottle has a very interesting flatter shape. I drank this neat with a glass of water on the side. The nose is woody, sweet vanilla. Flavors I found were caramel, sugary…

jBy @jmc7 years ago 0 082

Woodford Reserve

My Favourite Bottle Woodford Reserve

Physically. It's a beautiful bottle. I want to believe I'll stick a candle in it or something when I'm done but I probably won't...the bourbon is dark and honeyed looking, very alluring. I love whisky…

@McGrainBy @McGrain7 years ago 0 075

Woodford Reserve

Fresh and delicious! Woodford Reserve

This was my first bottle of Bourbon I bought and I bought another because I enjoy it very much. I wanted an alternate to the peated whiskies I normally drink and I heard they use copper stills (we don't…

cBy @ckingphoto7 years ago 0 178

Woodford Reserve

A change in the bottle, or my nose? Woodford Reserve

This bottle was an interesting experience for me. I picked it up a year ago when it was on sale ridiculously cheap. I'd heard great things from friends and online, so I didn't hesitate to pick it up.…

@dannyboyBy @dannyboy7 years ago 0 073

Woodford Reserve

Creamy goodness Woodford Reserve

Deep rich golden colour. The nose is loaded with vanilla and toffee as well as some sweet oak. Burnt sugar and some lovely light fruitiness. A little bit of white pepper and a touch of mintiness on the…

JBy @JoeMcPhee8 years ago 0 082

Woodford Reserve

First Sip Woodford Reserve

The nose is immediately filled with the wafting of vanilla and some floral sweetness. As with all my American bourbons I prefer to serve on an ice cube with a rest before tasting to allow the cube to…

mBy @merlot7989 years ago 0 180

Woodford Reserve

Complex nose, woody palate Woodford Reserve

Nose: tons of vanilla with beautiful undertones of cedar wood, varnish and peppermint. Almonds. Crême brûlée. Some pear. There’s even a hint of charcoal. It’s very rich and certainly has an individual…

@WhiskyNotesBy @WhiskyNotes10 years ago 0 280

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