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Bladnoch's average rating is 87/100 from 46 reviews and 69 ratings

Bladnoch reviews

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Bladnoch Distillers choice

Distillers choice Bladnoch Distillers choice

This is one of Raymond Armstrongs releases, a typical lowland offering, bottled from bourbon casks made from American white oak.. My understanding is that this is young, probably around 4-6 years old,…

@sorrenBy @sorren5 years ago 0 383

Bladnoch 20 yo

Bladnoch 20 Bladnoch 20 yo

Bladnoch 20 A lovely offering from the Bladnoch distillery, this 20 year old is bottled at 46%, and is NCF . This distillery is one of only a hanfull of lowland distilleries left, it has had a few ups…

@sorrenBy @sorren5 years ago 0 284

Bladnoch 10 Year Old

The best of the lowlands Bladnoch 10 Year Old

As dark clouds gather above the Bladnoch distillery, just three years from its second centennial, how about a review of the 10yo by Raymond Armstrong?Nose: a briny nose, with farmy notes like hay, malt…

@PandemoniumBy @Pandemonium6 years ago 0 584

Bladnoch 19 Year Old Sheep Label

Lovely Lowland Bladnoch 19 Year Old Sheep Label

Bladnoch is one of the 6 remaining Lowland distilleries, and is located the most southerly whisky distillery in Scotland. The 19 yr old is now discontinued and has been replaced by a 20 yr old version…

@tjbBy @tjb7 years ago 0 288

Bladnoch 20 Year Old 1992 Malts of Scotland

Quinine Bladnoch 20 Year Old 1992 Malts of Scotland

Bladnoch is a distillery that has not appeared often on my blog. I have only tried three so far, including the fantastic Bladnoch 21 Year Old 1991 for The Bonding Dram, that I helped select. It is the…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 185

Bladnoch 11 year old Sherry Matured Sheep's label

Sublime! Bladnoch 11 year old Sherry Matured Sheep's label

I've been waiting for this for ages. A few months ago I ordered it online and it shipped to my friend in the US. A couple of months ago he brought it over, and we FINALLY got to sit down to a dram over…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan7 years ago 0 194

Bladnoch 20 Year Old Distillery Label

Solid Lowland Bladnoch 20 Year Old Distillery Label

from a purchased sampleNose: Nice and clearly malty. It opens on a nice mixture of fruit, flowers, and a touch of wax. Little strawberries and some apple. Over time, it's more on tart apples and just a…

nBy @numen8 years ago 0 079

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