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Bladnoch's average rating is 87/100 from 46 reviews and 69 ratings

Bladnoch reviews

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Bladnoch 8 year old "beltie"

serious fruit Bladnoch 8 year old "beltie"

Bladnoch do a beltie (bourbon casks) and a sheep label (sherry casks) and both cask strength and normal strength of their whisky produced since restarting production. We have the 8 year old cask strength…

@WTCBy @WTC10 years ago 0 180

Bladnoch Murray McDavid 16 Year-Old 1992

The Italian Job Bladnoch Murray McDavid 16 Year-Old 1992

Bladnoch is a lowland distillery—the most southerly of them all—independently owned and managed by Raymond Armstrong. The expression reviewed here is an independent bottling for Murray McDavid. The casks…

@dbkBy @dbk10 years ago 0 286

Bladnoch 10 Year Old

Flora and Fauna : A real cracker Bladnoch 10 Year Old

Bladnoch is not a high profile distillery and I therefore approached this bottling with no preconceptions.I tasted without adding water as it comes in at 43%.It has a delicious citrus and marmalade aroma…

@AnonymousBy @Anonymous11 years ago 0 290

Bladnoch 16 Year Old Sheep Label

Nice Lowland Whisky Bladnoch 16 Year Old Sheep Label

This is a very soft drinking whisky like all lowland whiskies. It has a nice citrus taste and smell. This whisky is almost as good as Rosebank.As Rosebank, Bladnoch has been closed but this distillery…

@SvenFonteynBy @SvenFonteyn11 years ago 0 090

Bladnoch 8yr OB 2009 55%

A Sniper of a Fresh Winter Warmer Bladnoch 8yr OB 2009 55%

Nose : Subtle, slight youthness. Typical Bladnoch, Sweet spiced honey Palate : Fresh, clean, mint, citrus, nutty Finish : Very LongThis is a warming winterdramThe distillery character comes thrue very…

@MacdeffeBy @Macdeffe11 years ago 0 190

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