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Hazelburn's average rating is 84/100 from 31 reviews and 55 ratings

Hazelburn reviews

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Hazelburn CV

70's Nostalgia in a Bottle Hazelburn CV

Nose: old hay, the high Oregon desert after a rain, slightly rancid cream on its way to becoming yogurt, Asian pear, wet iron.Palate: Smooth tequila, green apple, pond water (my equivalent of what many…

RBy @Rigmorole4 years ago 1 184

Hazelburn CV

Cambeltown's Blasda Hazelburn CV

When I was in Chicago a while back I picked up the Springbank Trio of CV’s. Basically, this was three bottles of 200mL each of Springbank CV, Longrow CV, and Hazleburn CV. Here is my impression of the…

@NockBy @Nock5 years ago 0 279

Hazelburn 12 Year Old 2010 Release

Smooth and sweet Hazelburn 12 Year Old 2010 Release

A sweet and pleasant whisky. This may develop over time, but based on the first dram this is a mellow whisky that doesn't attack you with complexity but has all the smoothness one could hope for in a…

@MaltmaniacmateBy @Maltmaniacmate5 years ago 0 387

Hazelburn 8 Year Old

Simple, Grassy, and Sweet Hazelburn 8 Year Old

Hazelburn whiskies are produced at the Springbank distillery. They are unpeated. The tasting notes for the reviewed bottle were taken 3 weeks after the bottle was opened. Now, 6 months after bottle…

@VictorBy @Victor5 years ago 0 485

Hazelburn CV

Soupy Sales Hazelburn CV

Nose: old hay, fresh cut turf, barley malt, Asian pear, wet iron.Palatte: A little tequila, Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, green apple, pond water, sour barley malt.Finish: Medium short length. Taste…

RBy @Rigmorole6 years ago 0 386

Hazelburn 8 Year Old

Winner of Robbie's Night Hazelburn 8 Year Old

Ok, I have read each of the three previous reviews of this bottle. Based on the descriptions I either experienced an 'off' bottle that was off in a wonderful way, or Hazelburn has done a tremendous job…

@Pudge72By @Pudge726 years ago 0 386

Hazelburn 8 Year old Sauternes

Its an intruiging dram Hazelburn 8 Year old Sauternes

Another from the fine wood range of Springbank and its siblings (Hazelburn and Longrow), which includes Madiera, Burgundy, Barolo and now the 8 year old Sauternes from Hazelburn. In theory the lighter…

@VolksBy @Volks6 years ago 0 085

Hazelburn Tasting Room

Sweetener Hazelburn Tasting Room

Hazelburn is not a distillery, but a single malt that is produced by Springbank (that also creates, besides Springbank itself of course, the Longrow). The first release, dating back to only 2003, was…

@markjedi1By @markjedi16 years ago 0 088

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