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Overeem's average rating is 89/100 from 8 reviews and 8 ratings

Overeem reviews

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Overeem Single Malt Whisky Port Cask

Uff ho! Overeem Single Malt Whisky Port Cask

Now this is what I call a stunner! Where I come from the phrase when you are knocked off your ass with awesomeness is 'Uff ho!' I had the chance to taste this spirit from a sample bottling (which is why…

@MaltActivistBy @MaltActivist10 years ago 0 896

Overeem Bourbon Cask

An Awesome Christmas Present! Overeem Bourbon Cask

I recently received a Christmas present from the Old Hobart distillery, a small sample bottle of their very first bourbon cask release.Those who know me, know that when I fall in love with a distillery…

@SquidgyAshBy @SquidgyAsh10 years ago 0 088

Overeem Sherry Cask Cask - Cask Strength

I Told You So! Overeem Sherry Cask Cask - Cask Strength

I first encountered Overeem, a little Tasmanian whisky, at Whisky Live Perth this last year. Before that I'd never heard of them. At Whisky Live I got to chatting with the head distiller of Sullivan's…

@SquidgyAshBy @SquidgyAsh10 years ago 0 094

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