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Tomatin 10 Year Old

¿Cola con Whisky? ¡No, gracias! Tomatin 10 Year Old

Everytime you order a whisky in Costa Rica they give you a glass of Coke on the side. Bizarre!Anyway, so I drank the Tomatin 12 year old last night, sin cola, while watching Dazed and Confused in Spanish…

@blrbwmnBy @blrbwmn13 years ago 0 055

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleitproof whiskey Bulleit Bourbon

I'm a a big fan of Bourbon and Bulleit is one of the more accessible options for those who want try something slightly more challenging than the average supermarket bottles without straying too far from…

@jeanlucBy @jeanluc13 years ago 0 881

Longmorn 1996 Cask Strength

Longmorn 1996 Cask strength Longmorn 1996 Cask Strength

This piece has at first little aroma but the taste is full and broad taste of marzipan and vanilla. Quite light and golden at colour and is quite stingy in the corner of one’s mouth. Lots of sweets,…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin13 years ago 0 090

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Amazing Ardbeg Uigeadail

i love ardbegs. enjoy the enormous peat. this one is still the best i've had. peat,smoke,leather all combined with sweet smoke. like a smoked desert. but still go that punch. best ardbeg yet.

@galgBy @galg13 years ago 0 090

Glenmorangie Astar

Glenmorangie goes Hollywood Glenmorangie Astar

Glenmorangie Original is a good basic dram, but Astar takes a giant leap upon its shoulders and becomes truly exceptional. Dr. Bill Lumsden, master distiller, says its all in the careful choice of woods…

@scotchpro1By @scotchpro113 years ago 0 085