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Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength

New Wood Dominance Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength

My thanks go to @newreverie for the reviewed sample. Jefferson's Ocean Cask Stength is listed as 'Voyage 7' during which time some of the whiskey aging occurred at sea. There is no age statement here,…

@VictorBy @Victor2 months ago 0 290

Bakers 7 Year Old

Creamy and silky Bakers 7 Year Old

Baker's 7-year old is named after its creator Baker Beam, Jim Beam's grandnephew. It comes with a mash bill of 77% corn, 13% rye and 10% malted barley, and is bottled at an ABV of 53.5% (107 proof).…

@Pierre_WBy @Pierre_W2 months ago 0 487

Old Grand Dad 114

Grandpa's Got A Punch Old Grand Dad 114

And who exactly is Old Grand-Dad? Why, he is Basil Hayden, of course, who made bourbon with a higher percentage of rye than most mash bills at the time. His grandson, Colonel R. B. Hayden, started the…

@talexanderBy @talexander2 months ago 0 291

Ridgemont Reserve 1792 8 Year Old

1792 Ridgemont Reserve 1792 8 Year Old

Pours a golden color, legs are thin and run fast. Smell is slightly astringent. Caramel, nutmeg, maple syrup, and sawdust are main aromas. Sweet maple, burnt caramel are first flavors I detect. Nutmeg…

ABy @Angelmonster2 months ago 0 080

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