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Bulleit Aged 10 Years

More Than Worth a Try Bulleit Aged 10 Years

Ah Bulleit - the bourbon that made me sit up and take notice of the spirit after some previously unappealing encounters with that other famous bourbon, er I mean Tennessee whiskey. And I remember it…

@RianCBy @RianC7 months ago 4 285

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Bulleit Bourbon

On ice at Domo, Eurobuilding hotel, Madrid, back in May 2017, when I scribbled down this review that now comes to you all, thanks to the magic of internet.I've seen this one stated at 40% ABV around here…

@huinemanBy @huineman7 months ago 1 085

Ezra Brooks Old Ezra 7 Yr Old

Not quite OGD 114… Ezra Brooks Old Ezra 7 Yr Old

Old Ezra is a product marketed by Lux Row Distillers (who do not distill) in Bardstown Kentucky. The details about where they get their distillate is best explained in @Victor’s review here:https://www…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan8 months ago 5 386

Blantons Straight From The Cask

Blood Oranges Blantons Straight From The Cask

It was former master distiller Elmer T Lee – who passed away in 2013 – who launched the Straight from the Barrel series in 1984, a year before his retirement. The casks for the series matured in the…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 months ago 4 186

George Dickel 9 Year Old Hand Selected Barrel

Old Fashioned George Dickel 9 Year Old Hand Selected Barrel

The Cascade Hollow Distillery – producer of the George Dickel bourbon – is the only other distillery (Jack Daniel’s being the first) that uses the so-called Lincoln County Process. This is the filtering…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 months ago 1 086

Jim Beam White Label

Semoule Jim Beam White Label

Jim Beam is still one of the best-selling bourbons in the States and their White Label heads the statistics in that regard. Thanks to my buddy Timon I could try a bottle from the 1990s. Let’s not forget…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 months ago 0 075

Templeton Rye

Al Capone Templeton Rye

The label says ‘prohibition era recipe’, in which they refer to the original Templeton Rye that was distilled in Iowa at the beginning of the previous century and was very popular in the speakeasies in…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 months ago 1 074

Blackened by Metallica

Shampoo Blackened by Metallica

This Straight American Whiskey is released by the famous metal band Metallica. It was composed by Dave Pickerell (who passed away in November 2018) who was the Master Distiller at Maker’s Mark for many…

@markjedi1By @markjedi19 months ago 3 174

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