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A. Smith Bowman John J. Bowman Pioneer Spirit

Broken Branch A. Smith Bowman John J. Bowman Pioneer Spirit

On the day after Prohibition – this is 1934 – the A Smith Bowman distillery was founded on the Bowman Sunset Hill Farms. We are in Virginia. But in February 1988 the brand was taken over by drinks giant…

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Hartfield & Co. Bourbon

Pay the Bills Hartfield & Co. Bourbon

We are in Paris, Kentucky, where Andrew and Larissa Buchanan founded the craft distillery Hartfield & Co in 2013. For their bourbon they use 19% rye and 19% malted barley; the remaining 62% is corn. They…

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Hartfield & Co. American Whiskey

Curiosum Hartfield & Co. American Whiskey

Believe it or not, Hartfield & Co is the first new craft distillery in Kentucky since Prohibition. It was founded in 2013. Imagine that. This is, after all, the heart of Bourbon County. But I can imagine…

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Michter's 20 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Leather & Cedar Michter's 20 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

The 20 year old bourbon by Michter’s is very hard to find and if you are that lucky, it is absolutely not cheap (in 2016, it took the 10th sport in the USA’s most expensive bourbons, with Michter’s…

@markjedi1By @markjedi12 months ago 1 089

Michter's 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Cherries Michter's 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Michter's Distillery was already founded in 1753 and therefore one of America’s first distilleries. It changed its name along the way to Bomberger Distillery, albeit for a short while. The current bui…

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Barton 1792 Small Batch

Kentucky Barton 1792 Small Batch

This 1792 Small Batch has come a long way. It started life as Ridgewood Reserve, but because of a lawsuit lost against Woodford Reserve in 2002, it was rechristened 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. Today it is…

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Heaven Hill John E. Fitzgerald Larceny 1870

Finish Heaven Hill John E. Fitzgerald Larceny 1870

Although Larceny has its own website citing the Old Fitzgerald Distillery, this bourbon is in fact produced at Heaven Hill. It matured for about 6 years and is named after John E. Fitzgerald, an infamous…

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Westland Peated

Beautiful Simplicity! Westland Peated

At Westland, in the American state of Washington, they also make peated malt whiskey. The nose starts rather closed, to be honest. Not a lot of peat, as far as I am concerned. Not that I was expecting…

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Westland Sherry Wood

Curry Ketchup Westland Sherry Wood

It is a little known fact that Westland, a craft distillery in Washington state, uses a Belgian yeast for its single malt whiskey. This specific expression matured partly on sherry casks – both oloroso…

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