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Blanton's Gold Edition

Pineapple blast! Blanton's Gold Edition

I wish I could tell you the batch number and the bottle number, but somehow, the numbers on the bottle were removed. You can actually do that by accident with your finger nail. NOSE: golden raisins,…

@GeorgyBy @Georgy2 months ago 4 1490

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old

Setting the Bar Eagle Rare 10 Year Old

My first bourbon review so please go easy on me my American cousins!I've picked this as a) it's open and will soon be gone and b) it's one of the best I've had so far. I hear this is a fairly well…

@RianCBy @RianC3 months ago 3 691

Reservoir Rye

Impressive Craft Rye Reservoir Rye

So Reservoir is distilled in Virginia, by a guy called Dave Cuttino, using a pot still designed for Armagnac. Like many non-Kentucky craft whiskeys it's aged in smaller barrels. In this case with a heavy…

@MuddyFunsterBy @MuddyFunster3 months ago 3 789

Old Grand Dad 114

Back in my day !!! Old Grand Dad 114

This is a review of a sample generously provided to me by @NozinanThe bottle was opened Nov 8/2017 and the sample was poured the same day.Coming to Connosr has been an amazing journey of discovery for…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound3 months ago 7 1287

Knob Creek Rye

Spicy, oaky goodness Knob Creek Rye

So I'm sitting at O'Hare for 2 hours waiting to fly to Beijing for my wedding. This seemed like the most appealing thing to get tipsy on before a 14hr flight over the Pacific...Sample is neatNose: A bit…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture3 months ago 3 1383

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel 3301

Rich Ambler Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel 3301

This is the last of a very generous birthday gift from @Nozinan. Smooth Ambler Spirits is a micro-distillery based in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. I don't know for sure if they distilled this though…

@talexanderBy @talexander3 months ago 0 393

Evan Williams Black Label

Solid Standard Bourbon Whiskey Evan Williams Black Label

So this is Heaven Hill's flag bearer and the second best selling straight bourbon brand in the USA and the world. No longer age stated, but said to be somewhere around four years+. All Heaven Hill's…

@MuddyFunsterBy @MuddyFunster3 months ago 0 285

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